Faded Vanilla Twilight

Chapter 29-Start of a quest and the end of an epic!

Posted on: August 3, 2011


I knew that it was not the end of my dreams….Anyhow it became true like everything were meant to happen unbelievably….

“I need you to love me long enough to make me feel good about myself” William said while curling his fingers in to my hair…Suddenly his arms tightened around me,while I thought of all the girls who must have filled his arms before…. Beautiful,Hot and Posh girls!

“What are you thinking about?” William said while try to catch my attention…..

“Oh nothing..I mean still I can’t get everything..Because everything happened faster,which I never expected” I said breaking my words..I didn’t know either,but it was good not to take a long time to express my feelings for me…

“I know that this is really curious for you…. But I have realized that you are the one for me..Not Cassie or any other girl…You changed the way I think about myself..You gave a meaning to everything that I spent with you… The life I spent was something that anyone could spend..But the life that I’m having when I’m with you cannot be given a value….That much it is worth for me..I need to feel it more and more..But I feel it only when you are with me…Maybe my words are surprising…But I don’t have any moral to right in-front of the person who showed me a different path to win my life…No matter what it comes in-front of us..No matter what are the difficulties we face in future..I need you by me,to show me the correct path to face everything….” His humble words created tears to my ears….

As he stood in the bright sunlight,I could see his face filled with thousands of unspoken unrepealed feelings….I bowed my head against his chest and tried to stop my tears,and then we were walking towards the University like angels…”I do Promise William”

The whispering of surrounded tree leaves made my soul more confident like never before….The flowers that scented the air did more to heal me than the words could…Everywhere I looked I saw the glances of William’s eyes…

And then I found William looking at me in a humble way..I knew he’d stay with me forever…and I’d knew one thing for sure that I was his BRIDE!

The End….


PS-It’s the end of the first half of the story…I wanted to continue it,but due to some episodes that I can’t manage,thought of ending the story as the First part…Hope to write the next part soon as I get time..Thank you everyone for reading this..and thank you everyone who gave me reviews personally and for commenting…. Thanks a lot everyone for Loving Jasmine and William… It’s not the end..It’s the start of the journey of the two lovers and the start of their adventures… Hope to write soon… 🙂 Thanks!



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