Faded Vanilla Twilight

Chapter 26-What if……

Posted on: June 25, 2011

All the romantic novels which I read always told me that Love is beautiful, love is what you breathe, and love, is the reason why you lived.
Maybe that was a bit excessive. Because seriously, they didn’t know anything exactly about love, they brag all about it without knowing what it means. Honestly, I never thought of loving someone, because I didn’t know how it felt. Now that I came to its world the more I didn’t get it.
Because they said there were some kind of different ways to love and to be loved. So many, that I couldn’t guess what’s mine. But I knew a few of those kinds, which were actually two sorts that form sided to many kinds.
A love that enlightened your life, and love that broke your heart.
I preferred the first part. But shame, that, God planned the otherwise.
So, yeah. According of how love impacted me so bad with all the feelings it put me through about William and his girlfriend, Cassie. In my case, Love was not so beautiful, and, if love is what I breathed, then, I would be no longer breathing by now.

“So what are you exactly thinking about Birthday girl” Stephanie said snapping her head at me…

“Actually I was thinking about the recent past in my life” I said.

“What’s so special about that to get in to a deep thought” Roxanne questioned

“Again you guys started that usual question paper..Come on guys..it’s my birthday at least give me a break!” I yelled at both of them in dismay..Already I was messed up because of William and on the other hand both of my best friends were making me uncomfortable…

“Okay Jazz…Sorry..Let’s talk about some thing else…So why didn’t you tell any one that it’s your birthday today…You didn’t even tell William about that…He will worry surely after getting the late news about your birthday” Stephanie pacified..

“Guys… I’m not a rock star either an actor to spread about my birthday all around”I interrupted.

Roxie giggled hilariously…

I dropped the topic so lightly, now we could enjoy talking without arguing. You could say I was wise, or mother-like, some might say, but that was me, interceding both their arguments and fights, and sometimes my friends would call me their ‘cheese butter’ not because I was sticky but the way I could stick them together. So yeah – I was a control freak. I was so much in control that no one could surmise what’s really on my mind


I didn’t have a single pleasures thought of celebrating my birthday with my friends..Even no one knew about it too..I didn’t afford myself to remind them about it…It was just another usual lonely insecure day for me…

I was at the Science lab alone with few couple of beakers,waiting for my two best friends..Suddenly William appeared next to me with Cassie and she started holding his hand tightly… Urghh! I felt like slapping on her face but I couldn’t Because Cassie and William both were lovers..Perfect lovers..Which god made for each other..!

But me I was a silly little piece of shit,who was staring at those two lovers!

“Helloooo! Jasmine” For my relief,Dastan walked towards me from NO WHERE! I didn’t see him until he come towards me..I was floating in William’s thoughts…

“Hey” I replied..

“Hey Birthday girl..You are looking so gloomy” Dastan cried out of blue…

From a glance William’s eyes narrowed in to mine from far away proving me that he heard Dastan’s words…Which meant he found that it was my birthday!

William had a big suspicious look and he started at me like I was an alien from mars…

“I have something for you” Dastan immediately ran his fingers in to his trouser pockets and dragged a small red box…

“It’s for you…” He said plating the small box on my hands…

I diverted my look from him to the small box which he gave me and started tearing the wrapper slowly…

It was a beautiful pendent in the letter J

“Woww..JJJJJ!!!” I cried with excitement…

Dastan gave me the same usual smile…

But how could I accept such a valuable gift from him..I was just a friend of him…

“Well..Dastan..this is amazing..I really like it..But I can’t accept this..I mean I’m sorry..I don’t need any gifts from you..Just need you as my friend” I gave him a helpless look..

Again he gave me a random smile and held my hand softly…

“Look Jasmine…I have everything with me…But You are the only thing which I didn’t own since 26 years of my life..I can’t let you go easily..So this is just a small contribute for our friendship..Please don’t ignore..You must accept this”

His kind words melted my heart so much..He was one in a million..unlike William and the other guys,whom I met since so far…

“Okay…” I replied him shortly..All I wanted is to make him happy..

Breaking our glance,William started coming towards us…Sensing the sudden danger I tried to pick up my stuff which were on the Lab table..

“Are you going some where” Dastan asked

“Yah Dastan..I should find Stephanie and Roxie…”

“Ha ha your funny buddies…Okay Then I’ll catch you later” Dastan went passing me and it was my chance to rush out from the class room..I hurriedly picked up all my stuff and ran towards the entrance door..I heard William’s steady foot steps behind me…

But I couldn’t walk faw..William pulled from my black jacket tightly and pulled me closer to him…

“Jasmine…” He said in a firm voice…

I tried to get rid of him..But he was too strong to let me go…

“William..Shall I talk with you later..I must find my friends now” I tried to escape from him..But he didn’t let me go so easily

“Wait a second… It’s your birthday today..isn’t it..But you never told me about that..WHY? I’m your closest male friend..but I don’t know about your birthday! How funny..” He said in dismay…

Cassie was staring at us from the Lab..she had angry eyes…!

“Ahh…Don’t think much..I didn’t want to bother you and Cassie..I mean you are always with her..So how can I bother you guys..also she is quick-tempered..” I tried to pick accurate words to explain him ghastly… My words flew out like a waterfall…

William had the decency to blush..”Oh that’s the problem..Well she’s nothing to me… I just spend more time with her these days”

LIAR! He was a big liar..He lied again!

I knew that they were lovers..But what’s the point of William to hide that fact from me! Is that because he didn’t care me…is that because I’m different!!

“Really” I replied,with as much as ice in my voice as I could manage….

“I’m sure you wouldn’t be so understanding if you caught me in the same situation…”

His color deepened…”You do you have to bring up that huh? Besides it was more than a few couple of flirting between you and Dastan..Ohh Also Jeramie..” he almost shouted…

“Yes it was..”I admitted… “But you would never understand how it came about…even if you were generous enough to give me a chance to explain…”

He seemed very strong…which is jawline set in a firm..determined way,so his cheek dimple no longer played hide and seek..His clean out good looks caused many ladies to look twice at him…and now he was staring at me in uninterest..I was deeply hurt with his words…I felt like some one was pinching me from thousands of nails…The cold wind hissed around us..My own hair blew and lifted up…I found myself breathing harder and harder with fear..wanting to run far away from everyone..I craved with a terrible yearning to have his love…His warmth and caring..But instead of that he broke my heart in to pieces….

For an eternally long time non of us spoke…
“I don’t even want to look at you now” his words broke me faster… it was useless to stay in-front of him anymore…I couldn’t prove that I was not wrong…I lost in front of my own fate

Without saying any word…I walked away from him slowly…William never tried to stop me… he just burned from anger….



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