Faded Vanilla Twilight

Chapter 24-Fallen

Posted on: June 14, 2011

“Well, it looks like Cassie is definitely dating ,William” Stephanie said leaning in to her locker..My heart stung at the thought of how sad I was with the incident happened between William and Cassie..Those deep pathetic feelings avoided me from answering to Stephanie.. As she was waiting for my answer I nodded and gave her a tight smile..

“Now you… You look so gloomy..What happened?”  Stephanie said flatly,recognizing my change..

“Nothing..I’m tired…that’s the reason” I sighed..

She gave me a curious look,like observing a wild animal…

“Hey Jazz” Unfortunately It was William…the unexpected DISASTER,was calling me….

The feel of heat creeping up my back, I considered to just run in and curled between some wall cracks. Thought that I somehow could do that as I saw William noticed my presence,walking ghastly, and came closer to me.

“Oh, crap,” I moaned.

“What?” Stephanie asked.

“Just please, please now get me out of heree..!” I groaned frustatingly, plead to no one particular as I tilted my head upwards, as if praying to God so that I could teleport…or better vanished, even, for just a moment.

Oh, I was for sure needed help.

“Jazz,” He called my name softly.

“Tyler,” I sighed.

Stephanie looked at us in turns, she looked so puzzled, and curious as well. But then,William  turned his attention to her, staring at her expressionless. And I found it intimidating.

“I- I think I should go,” She stuttered, and began scraming her way off of our view.

I was like, “Noo…Wait!”

But I could not suppress a word.

“So, Jazz,” Said William, “Where have you been..I searched you a lot…?”

“Huh?” I pretend to be clueless.

“Where have you been? ”

“Ah..I was busy with some projects…” I blurted out.

“I’m having a big pain in my neck” I made a gesture as if I had my neck sprained, massaging it slowly back and forth, which in fact was perfectly fine, but well, Dramatists always make everything looks real….

I was so surprised that I almost jump out of my skin when he reached his hand and touched my ‘sprained neck’, replacing my hand as he massaged my neck tenderly, sent chills down my spine.

With anger I jumped away…

He gasped with a curious look…. “What happened”

“Nothing..I should go now..” I insisted

I tried to walk away from him..

William walked with me in silence. The silence was better in time, because it kept me sane rather than hearing his deep, heavenly voice. But when I finally put my English Classic dictionary from my backpack , he broke the silence by asking, “What’s wrong with you?,”

It was more like a statement than a question.

Silence was much better.

“Uh,” I hesitated.

I mean, was this the right time to tell him all? But the sooner the better, wasn’t it?

“Well, I don’t…” I stumbled.


I opened my mouth, but hesitated to speak up. But I thought like, whatever, before it was too late to tell him, it’d turn out worse.


“Yo, William!” Someone interrupted, “You see Harry back there?”

I whirled around and saw Jason, one of our classmate, one of the populars, one of so many snobs that was most annoying than others. He was walking toward us, with some other two following behind.

Jason looked at me as if I was a mushed grape on the sideways.

“No,” William answered coldly.

From all the snobs, or means popular, or some might say, an A-list, which mostly were William’s friends, one that he resented the most was Jason. Because Jason was so arrogant, obnoxious….

“Hi, Jazz,” Jason turned to me


“So how’s the party?” He asked me.

“It was great…” I lied..But it was the worst party ever in my life…

“Amazing,”He beamed.

I saw William observing me curiously…I felt so uncomfortable with his looks..

“Ahh…William…Congratz” Those words came out from my mouth eventually

Again he gave me a narrow look

“For what?”

“For your new girl friend C-A-S-S-I-E…As you are having a girl now..I think we should not hang around a lot..Isn’t it…”

“Whoa..whoa.. What’s going on..is that true William?” Jason interrupted

“I gotta go” Before William speak another word..I walked away from him and his friends faster

I walked as fast as I can..It was the most needed thing for me during that time..

I heard William calling me… but I pretended like I didn’t hear him calling…


“We held a party once at a cemetery,” Said Dastan.I was helping him with his assignments…

I raised my eyebrow in amusement, “Seriously?”

“Yeah – I know that It’s weird?” Isaac laughed.

“But that’s interesting..Well I don’t believe in evil spirits and blah blah..I don’t believe in ghosts” I said with a laugh

“But I do..I believe in ghosts…Some come even after their death to watch their loving ones..Or to take them” Dastan spooked

His words made me scared…So I tried to change the topic..

“So Why didn’t you come to Cassie’s party last night..She invited you right?” I noted.

“Yeah But I was not interested….and I was not feeling good too..So didn’t you go out last night with Jeramie”

I shrugged, “Ah no..I couldn’t say no to Cassie..Because she is a popular chick here…So didn’t want to ignore their invitation”

Another freaky Lie..

“Was that a fancy looking one” Dastan quoted as I laughed in amusement.

“Just kidding” He said while I shook my head in disbelief.

“I don’t like random occasions..I’m not a party popper actually,” He concluded.

“Yeah, me too,” I said.

“Enough about parties…So tell me..what’s new with you..also you have changed a lot..your outfits and so on” Dastan winked at me.

I frowned, “Well…Nothing special..Just wanted to have a change?”

He grinned mischievously, “Don’t lie…There must be a reason… Just spill it,”

I narrowed my eyes as I tried to think of a fair lie..

I felt so confuse that my frown got deeper, and deeper ’til my forehead hurts.

“Come on….I was just asking….You look weird these days..Always getting confused like a baby” Dastan asked me quietly with an even deeper frown on his forehead.

He was true…!! All happened because of William..I kept big hopes on him like a fool and from a glance..he vanished all my hopes…

But then, out of the blue, I heard someone snorted, and it sounded not so pleasant. I scanned around the class room and found that Cassie and William was watching us talking….

“Ah…I changed because you told me that I must change..that’s the reason” I scoffed, “God, You are kidding.You changed because of me??”
Jason laughed mockingly at me.

I saw William narrowing his eyes to us…. It was my chance to take an advantage…

“Yah..I’m not joking..”

I looked penetrating dead straight into his eyes, then travelled my gaze from his top of head to his tip of toes, long and hard.

“You know what Dastan….I really like you..You are so good and impressive…” I admired him heavenly

His cheeks started turning in to red.. and from a sigh he touched my hands softly..I felt the heat of his both hands..He was like an oven…But his hot hands were a shelter for my frogging hands…

But I have no idea. There was something else that snapped me deep within. Perhaps I was stressed because the whole day and night I had been haunted by the lovey-dovey scene I saw the previous night…

We started at each others eyes for a long time…Dastan’s eyes were sparkling like stars….

Suddenly I heard a crack sound…which disturbed both of us…

“Whoops…Sorry my back pack fell down..” I saw William confessing,looking at us….

I stared at him like a fool…Floating in his deep thoughts…I was in love with him..I had nothing to hide..But he broke my heart and left me like a heartless person…I was a heartless lady..Helpless girl looking for an affection..But the person whom I wanted an affection was the one..who Destroyed my everything..I couldn’t think of anything apart from that!


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I realy think that Dastan is the best guy for you he loves you more than William the sooner you realize the better

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