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After deep thoughts of depression I decided to make William jealous of me and Dastan..So I held on Dastan tightly and wrapped my hands around him…I felt his warmth because his body was pressed against mine..I moved according to a rhythm… Dastan held his face close to mine…he gripped me with his strong arms and plunged me in to him…

I saw William and Cassie watching us… They have stopped dancing and now they are watching us dancing.. “This is my chance” I thought…

Dastan held me close and tight..his face was close enough to mine to feel the sweet smell of his perfume…his brown eyes looked in to mine like he waited to that from a long time…I closed my eyes for a while to figure out everything….While I was thinking he pressed his cheek against mine… I gasped and opened my eyes again to see whats happening….His face gleamed, he felt awestruck…Without any effort he closed his lips in to mine… It was something which I never wanted to happen..my face started getting pale..I wanted to pull him away but as William and Cassie was watching us..I tried to control myself..Which means I had to let Dastan to kiss me….

“Hey….” Just as a ghost came between us,I heard William shouting

“Guys…There’s a fortune-teller over there…Don’t you guys like to join us,instead of dancing.” William said… He had a strong expression on his face and he didn’t look at me… I didn’t want to look at him either..Because I felt so shy..

I turned to Dastan..”It sounds interesting..Shall we go”

Dastan’s face was burning with anger,because of the disturbance…But it was not a disturbance to me..It was a big help and big relief..If William didn’t do like that I would have to kiss DASTAN..which I horribly unlike!!!

I started feeling normal and I tried to stay away from Dastan because I feared that he will come to kiss me again….

“Okay…” After an eternally long time Dastan replied…

Four of us slipped in to the fortune tellers tent….

“Welcome welcome my children..Please get inside” A big fat lady wearing a violet tiara loudly said….

“Is this really works” Cassie questioned

They lady gave her a suspicious look,”No any experience before from fortune-telling young lady?”

“Never..It’s my first time..”Cassie said nervously..

Fat lady gave her a cunning smile..”Then you must come at first”

Cassie looked at us,”I don’t trust these things..But I must give a little try”

The fat lady pointed a door saying,”Go over there”

Cassie hurried to the door and disappeared…

William me and Dastan were left alone in the tent…. Non of us speak anything instead of staring at each other..Though I wanted to break the silence I couldn’t do it…

William turned to me without telling a single word… I felt that he was observing me deeply…

“Do you play with LOVE?”

what he said made me shiver a bit,for it seemed I could have no secrets from him..and yet as he stood there looking me over with a great deal of approval,something proud sprang in to my spine and made me stand taller….And something warm and sweet between us seemed very surprised and just as pleased,”Why are you asking so?”

before William answer me Cassie arrived…She had a gloomy expression on her face..

“She is a slut..” Cassie hugged William tightly…

“Hey hey What happened Cassie” William asked…

“I told her the truth….” The fat lady appeared in-front of us…

“Come on let’s go..this is useless..see now Cassie is upset too” Dastan roared…. William agreed to him and moved out from the tent..

But my legs were not moving just as they needed me to face the fortune-teller..

“Look wait” I sighed..

“Let me try…”

“What are you nuts Jasmine..fortune telling is stupid….its good for day dreamers” Dastan said with disguise…

I gave him a tough smile,”Even I’m a day dreamer too..Let me give a try” I ran in to tent and saw the fat lady waiting for me

“I knew it..that you will come” She said with a cunning glance… and signaled me to get inside the door which Cassie went through

Without saying anything I went in through the door…It was a corridor and ended from a big Gothic looking room..The room looked so horrible with weird-looking photos and furniture…In the middle of the room,there was a round table and on it there was a big white ball with gas inside…

I have read about fortune tellers from books saw I could easily realize that it was the magic ball which shows everything to the fortune-teller…

She signaled me to sit in a small chair in-front of the table

“Humm..Let’s take a look about your future my child..”She said while touching the glass ball..Suddenly the glass ball started shaking and the gas started moving inside it…Fat lady closed her eyes and thousands of horrible expressions came in to her face…I held my legs tightly because I felt so scared with her terrible look… After few seconds she opened her eyes and her eyes were looking horrible

” You are in a junction of two paths my child…” She continued

“You have to choose the correct path out of the two paths….”

“What path? I can’t understand..Explain me..” I said suspiciously..I was so feared because she talked like a man…

“You are in love my child..You are in love with a guy…Now your only hope is to win his love…You will win him..But mind this it would be the worst decision in your life..Not because your choice is wrong..it’s because you both are in danger….” She whispered in a male voice..

I wanted to run out from the tent but my knees started weakening.. “What what kind of danger and who is he…” I murmured..

“Evil..Evil is after you..Beware!!! Beware!!!! Beware!!! You will win your love also you will lost everything soon!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh” she cried horribly like someone tried to kill her

Her voice was so loud and horrible so I closed my hands…and eyes both.I started shivering from fear…It was my foolishness to come to her..

For an eternally long time I heard nothing,so I decided to open my eyes and saw her drinking water from a jug..

“Huh…” I gasped..

I didn’t wast a single second..I stood up and hurried out from the tent ghastly…. I saw William,Dastan and Cassie standing in-front of the tent when I approached..

“What happened? We heard someone crying..was that you..” William asked hurriedly

“Look she said that I’m in…….” I stopped,because I thought that they wont believe those things..

“Uh..Nothing..Let’s go” I tried to change the topic…..

Three of them sigh and agreed….


“OMG…wish that we could be with you on last night….” Roxy insisted

“I told you before..but you didn’t come and now you guys are complaining..” I said faster…

“Okay okay…It’s our fault..so whats going on between you two” Stephanie chuckled..

“Between whom?”

“Idiot…I’m asking about you and Dastan” Stephanie cried in dismay..

How could I tell them that I was planning to make William jealous of me and Dastan…They would think that I was using Dastan to make my wishes come true…. They wouldn’t know that I like William…They’d presume that William was just any young man with crazy friends,uncouth and uncultured….

“There is nothing like that..Just friends…Most of the Uni girls are interested on Dastan and I WISH THAT HE CAN DATE SOMEONE SOON”

Both Roxy and Steffi exchanged doubtful glances..

“What? which means you guys don’t love each other…” Roxy asked

“No man.. No!!”

“Then why the hell do you go out with him” Stephanie roared..

“Just because we are best friends…” I replied and hurried passing both of them…All I wanted is to escape from their bloody questions..I didn’t have any single word to spit out as answers for their endless questions…Both of them were like questions papers…

I had no any place to go..So I rushed in to a dark corridor which lead to the library..It was the only place,I had to go..

Suddenly I heard someone’s footsteps following me..I turned back and caught that it was William.. “Damn him…Now he will be my other question paper..”

“Hey yo…” William waved

“Hey..” I waved him back..

“Wait for me wait for me..” he said while running towards me..

“So how’s the day..” He asked..


“yeah same..”

Both of us walked slowly,but non of speak a single word…

We walked and walked like we don’t have any hope..

“So,May I ask you something…” William said while observing my eyes

I shrugged because I predicted about that earlier

“Okay…Go ahead..”

“Hmm… Is there anything between you and Dastan”

It was the horrible question from him which I waited for…. I had no any answer to give him because from one side I wanted him make William jealous of me and Dastan and also from the other side I wanted William to realize the real me!

“Well…There is nothing like that..But I like him..” I smiled

He gave me a tough smile.. “Oh that’s good”


“I mean… Just said..” Again he gave me a tough smile… I felt so uncomfortable..I realized that he was feeling the same thing..

“Look William..I must say you this..I really like you..More than anyone here..I don’t know whether it’s love or friendship.I don’t like to see you with Cassie together..Please understand me..Don’t be so rude to me..what’s my fault” My heart shouted loudly..But unfortunately I couldn’t convert those in to words to let William hear…

“So don’t you have anyone special that you like a lot…” again he questioned

“Yes it’s you William” my heart again cried..

“Well I don’t but will meet soon…” I smiled

My heart beat faster,louder as I told my lie that should have been the truth.Something he detected in my expression or tone made his eyes narrow as he weighed my words…Shrewd,sophisticated eyes that seemed to know all the wicked and tricky ways of the world…Long seconds passed as those observant eyes took in my forced calmness,my feigned assurance that struggled to show only innocence,and perhaps I have convinced him,for he smiled. “That’s great…all the best” He said with a gloomy look…

“Jasmine…” Before I give him a reply..I saw someone waving at me…

“Who’s that..” I asked from William because I didn’t recognize the person..he looked so strong and handsome with a blonde hair..

“Oh..that’s Jeramie..Another attractive figure at Uni…” William explained..

“I think he is talking to me..If you don’t mind would you give me a minute to talk with him please”

“Oh yeah sure..take your time..I’ll wait” William said with pleasure

I walked slowly towards the person named Jeramie..

“Hey Jasmine..” Jeramie said..he had a charming laugh,but not much as William had..

“Hi..Do I know you..”

“You don’t have to know me to talk with me baby..” His words made me sigh..because I didn’t like him calling me BABY!

“oh that’s correct..so?”

“So…I saw you a lot of times here and felt that you are so interesting…So decided to talk few words with you…” His words were surprising because he called me INTERESTING…

“That’s great…. ” I smiled

“Maybe we should go out somewhere and just hang out..You know” From his words I realized that he wants to DATE me..Guys are so stupid..They cant even tell the exact thing they need directly..I felt so disgusted with Jeramie’s words..

I looked at William..He was whacking his leg like a crown.. “Sorry Jeramie I can’t go with you…” Instead of that answer I told “yeah sure why not..I would love to..”

“Wow cool..SO what about tomorrow evening about 5 pm….at Bravo coffee shop..”

“Yeah..sure I will be there..”

“Okay… then we can get know about each other a lot on tomorrow…Then go ahead with your works..See you soon” He said while leaving…I waved at him and he waved at me back


“Whoa whoa..What happened with him..He looked so flirty” William asked suspiciously..

“Yes he is..He wants to date me..” I cried cheerfully

Though it sounded fun to me..William didn’t feel like that…

“What the hell? You didn’t say YES right?” William said while taking a deep breath..

“No man..I said YES…Isn’t it great” I laughed..

“WHAT????????????????????” William roared…

“Yeah..what’s the big deal there?” I asked him

“No nothing..I have to go now..See ya later…” William said faster and louder…

“hey..” before I say any word he left me alone….

“Hmm…I don’t think that you care about me anymore…and also you don’t feel anything for me…” I murmured to myself,watching him walking away…

But I was so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!







“Carnival?” Stephanie sighed…. It was gloomy Tuesday afternoon and we were spending the last couple of hours at the Uni… I told Stephanie and Roxy about the carnival and they didn’t show any interest..They thought that a Carnival suits for babies… “Yeah..It would be fun…Aren’t you guys coming? I will miss you both so much” I said with a gloomy mood

“I don’t like carnivals…They are just stupid and so childish…” Stephanie complained

“Yes…It is Jazz…I love clubbing…ONLY CLUBBING!” roxy added her idea’s

“Is this how you entertain yourself…Going for carnivals and taking childish fun”Steffi chuckled…

“Hell…you are a prankster….” I shouted

Suddenly roxy’s nervous look was staring behind me..So I turned around to see what’s happening….

It was William and Cassie whom were holding each other tightly…. William closed her face in to Cassie but Cassie pushed him away saying,”Just stop…Maybe tonight”

William gave him a ghast smile,”Sure”

Finally,just when I believed that William was never going to be with Cassie,he showed up that he belongs for Cassie…IN-FRONT OF ME!

“whoa…they are romancing” Stephanie joked..

I hadn’t any word.And here was William blithely making me hurt,when he never wanted to understand how I feel for him…Not after what he’d done..It hurt to feel that William could do evil and never be punished,at least not enough! That good thoughts I used to feel so necessary in my life were growing fainter and fainter in my memory…and that scared me..My heart was no longer feeling the sharp anguish of getting hurt by William,and I couldn’t allow that to happen because I knew that William won’t understand me… I had to keep my flame of silence alive,keep it new and raw,and never allow the passing of time to slave the wounds of my feelings that had delivered because of William..

So I said nothing,just pretended  like I didn’t see them…


Right as I promised Dastan I got prepared for the carnival and waited outside my house for him… It was about five Pm and as it was so cold around me..I shivered like I was living in ice-land…  Suddenly William came in to my thoughts….The things which happened between Cassie and William attacked my mind harmfully..I felt so angry because I hate so much to see them together in-front me chilling and thrilling like lovers..I couldn’t find any reason for hating that..The only thing I knew was I really liked William non than anything in this world…But I didn’t know the real meaning of Liking him…

While I was thinking about William I saw Dastan’s car arriving near me…

He signaled me saying to get in to the car…So I hurried towards the vehicle and slipped in to it while slamming the vehicle door ghastly..

“Oops I’m sorry..I just closed it loudly..” I confessed

Dastan gave me a tight smile

“It’s okay Jazz..I do the same”

It was a relief as he didn’t care about my weird behavior…

“You look beautiful today with the black dress”Dastan said while looking at me

I said him nothing,just gave him a soft smile…

Until we reach the exact place both of us speak nothing..Both of us remained silent… I was surprised by his different behavior but as I didn’t want to make him feel bad I stared like a stare-crow…

After few minutes we approached to the carnival and it looked so colorful with the fancy looking people and with the beautiful vintage colors….Carnival was fulled with bunches of people whom were walking here and there enjoying the stalls at the carnival…

“Omg..what a huge crowed..can’t believe..I said while taking a step backwards…

“So what…C’mon lets go and enjoy…” Dastan cried from the loudness while pulling me from my hand…

He ran fastly while grabbing my hand..I had to balance myself because he ran so weirdly and ghastly..We rushed through the crowed as we stopped near a merry-go-round… “want to go a ride on that thing?” Dastan said curiously

“It’s not a that thing..It’s a merry-go-round” I said while giving a soft laugh..

He nodded shyly and paid the man who was controlling the merry-go-round and bought tickets…. We both tucked in to the merry-go-round and I chose an Elephant to sit on and he chose a horse…

It was so interesting and while I was sitting on the Elephant I screamed like a small kid…

After the ride on the merry go round,we both went to an ice-cream stall..

“Vanilla or Chocolate?” Dastan asked while looking around

“Chocolate” I replied

“Oh..I hate Chocolate..I love Vanilla” Dastan said in disguise…

“Different favors” I smiled and danced like a crown…

“Yeah….So sad” Dastan gave me a sad look…

I laughed because he looked so funky with the fake sad look

“Hey look over there” Suddenly Dastan pointed the hamburger stall next to the ice-cream stall… “What’s the special there” I said while looking quietly at the hamburger stall,While not recognizing anything special

“Look that’s William and Cassie” Dastan’s word gave me goose-bumps

“What..where?” I said while leaning upwards curiously

“Look…behind the ham burger truck” Dastan whispered

He was correct..It was William and Cassie whom were enjoying ham burgers behind the stall…. They looked so cheerful and happy..

Unfortunately Cassie caught me watching them….He whispered something to William and he turned to me… I hurriedly turned around,to pretend that I didn’t see them….

Oh damn him..double damn him…I was stung by his cold look…

Just as I feared,when finally I had the nerve to look so strong…

“Well,what a pretty picture you make,Jasmine” Dastan sang out… “I love this color dress,that you are wearing….It’s very becoming though I don’t remember you wearing it before” He frowned a little as he reflected,while my breath caught and held…I was thinking about William all the time..So I didn’t reply Dastan….

“Your ice cream has melted…” Dastan warned me cutting off my thoughts..I looked at my ice-cream and realized that it has melted while destroying my silver scarf which I wore around my neck..So I had to take it off from my neck..

“Whoa..You look great without that Scarf..” Dastan said while leaning towards me…

I said him nothing because I was so angry to see William and Cassie together

“Man..You didn’t tell anything..I chattered too much..But you don’t even smile now” Dastan complained,breaking my silence

I tried to find words,to answer him…The only statement which came in to my mind was,”Look over next to the merry go round..People are dancing there…Don’t you like to dance with me”

I was amazed because of my own words..But those words brought a soft smile to Dastan…..

“Sure…” He said while taking my hand….

Both of us went to the place where the people were dancing…A Latin song was playing and people were dancing according to its sweet rhythm  like crazy people…..

While I was staring at those people..I saw William and Cassie entering to the dance floor..They looked like they have become lovers….

Suddenly Cassie started moving slowly according to the tune of the Latin song..So did William…They whirled round and round…Cassie laughed loudly because she looked so surprised… I felt so bad to see them both dancing together….

While I was watching them,Dastan invited me to the dance floor….He caught my hand softly and moved slowly just like Cassie did..I had no any mood of dancing..but as I was the one who brought the idea of dancing,I had to dance somehow….. Though I was dancing with Dastan my eyes on William and Cassie..Both of them enjoyed their dance….

I felt so hurt by their behavior…. William didn’t even look at me..just like he was on Cassie’s world

I thought of doing something to take his attention to my side… It was the most horrible idea in my life ever!!

“Okay Jasmine… You are going to be confident enough to face the society now!” I said curiously to myself,taking a deep breath….It was a bright Monday morning and I was on my way to the Uni…I was horribly confused because I had a huge make over with in the past two days… According to the advices given by William,I went on shopping to buy new clothes and they were looking too posh and expensive….all of them were looking so unfamiliar to me but I really needed to buy them…So I bought tight leggings,blouses ankle boots and everything which I felt GOOD!

I ghastly hurried through the university gate and confusingly found out that all the students were WATCHING ME! It was so uncomfortable to bear it because I was a shy girl… As I badly needed to prove them that I’m not different,I ignored their glances….I walked normally just like the other girls..I saw students showing me to their friends and whispering to each other…I didn’t spend any time to look at them..Because I was totally down to earth on that time….

I never became on of the select in the University…but at least the majority of the students accepted me for what I was,different and independent in a shy and uncertain way…Subconsciously I had found the same old shield that I had used in my old university; indifferent,that’s what I’d pretend to be…But personally to win someones heart I had to change myself….But I knew that my change would create me so many enemies…Let them throw slings and arrows,what did I care? I was here,where I wanted to be,and that was enough…All need to play tricks on me,But I was too much embarrassed to realize it clearly….

Floating in my thoughts I hurried to the class room to see my two best friends…

“Oh my gosh!!!! Jasmine….Is this you???????????????????” Stephanie cried,when I entered to the class room..Her words made my knees weak..Because I didn’t expect those words from her.. she knew that I was going to change myself…. With her words all the other students turned and stared at me like they have never seen me before..Among the students who stared at me I saw William and Dastan watching me curiously…Dastan had a confused and a amusing look and so does William… For and eternally long time I stood in the same position… Realizing my uncomfortableness,Roxy pulled from my hand..

“Hey…are you going to stand their whole the day..C’mon take a sit…”Her words were a big relief to me…

“Nice ankle boots and nice dress..It’s amazing” Stephanie whirled watching me..

“Stephanie!!! Please don’t discomfort me” I yelled in dismay..

“Oh sorry..But you look really great I mean..You look so beautiful..I’m jealous ha” Stephanie said while whacking her hair…

“Thanks… Can’t you see,Still all are staring at me..I feel so bad” I summed…

“They are looking at you because you look great today..You should be proud of you…” Roxy tried to cheer me up

I gave her a soft smile

“Don’t worry..It will become alright after a while”

Proving Stephanie’s words all the students got adapted to my new look and they behaved like same before…I felt fine with their normal behavior…But I noticed something special,which is almost all the students gave me friendly smiles,even the people who joked me before… Specially boys were interested in talking with me like never before..I was so excited with the new conditions around me… But all those amazing things happened because of William..

After the class I walked to my locker,to pick some note books….

“Where did you hide your beauty before young lady” Suddenly William appeared next to me and he put his head over the locker door as he was taller than the locker..

“It’s all because of you William..I’m really grateful..You taught me to enjoy the life…” I cried at him with a deep smile…

William gave me a lustful smile,” Even I feel to date you now…I’m sure you will get so many proposals from the guys here…But……”

“They just need that because of your new look,not because they like you truly..So DON’T DATE Okay!”

“Oopz…. Can’t believe that you talked about TRUE LOVE…!” I chuckled…

William gave me a anxious look..

“You think, that I don’t know about LOVE right?”He asked,seemingly very worried…

“No no I mean it because you have so many female friends and you are so closer to them..and…”

“and what?”

“And I mean…. I mean… you hang out with ’em always.. and anyone of them aren’t special for you..That’s what I told you..and also you told that you like Cassie…but you have no any affair with her right..So I can’t name it as TRUE LOVE!” I explained

“Ha ha….You have the question about ME HANGING OUT WITH GIRLS!” He urged

“No no…It’s not like that..I meant what is,when you talk with them so closely I always felt that you have secret affairs with those girls So I thought about you as a play boy!” My words made him so angry

“You know what..You are so stupid..If you were a boy I will surely slap on your face..But I can’t hurt your soft beautiful face young lady”

“and also…Talking with girls doesn’t mean that I have affairs with them…yes I have close connections with girls… But I don’t like them as lovers..Also I have a morbid interest on Cassie..But I’m not sure whether it is LOVE or not..So I’m taking time to figure out the things okay” He roared…

“Come on…chill man…I was just expressing what I felt..Don’t worry I’m sure,you will get a perfect girl” I tried to change the topic

“I don’t have any idea of flirting with any one after three affairs….” he giggled…

“You must have done everything with them” it was a stupid question by me…

“everything means what?”

“everything means everything….you mean reaching the limits and blah blah”

His lusty smile proved me that understood what I meant…

“hell no….I’m not a play boy…mind one thing…. devil is not black as we think” Answering my question he went away….

I wanted him to stay but I couldn’t tell it…….


“How do you entertain yourself during the weekend..” Dastan asked,when he saw me scurrying from the library with an armful of books..

“Studying,that’s how,” I said with a little laugh..

“There’s so much I thought I knew but I don’t.So If my mom doesn’t mind..I’m going to lock myself up in my bedroom and cram”

I heard his heavy sigh. “There’s a carnival in the city…I was hoping you and I could make a day of it,Doing some shopping and so on”

“Oh ask me again Dastan,Please do…For there’s nothing in this world that I would rather do than visiting the carnival”

For a moment he appeared startled.Then a slow grin spread on his handsome face. “You mean you really wanna go with me? How wonderful…You are great…and also Jasmine..You look awesome than any other day”

“Oh…Thanks” I asked,totally astonished…

“So what about tomorrow?”

“Yes..tomorrow is a perfect day..”

“Okay then..I will be there at your home around 5 and wait for me…” He said

“Yes sure… Dastan” I replied…..

” Lana screwed everything from a single word…” Stephanie urged with her usual frustrated look..

“It’s not Lana…It’s me who screwed everything..I shouldn’t tell like that…It’s all my fault and now I have received a punishment for that…Dastan is not talking with me..” I sighed.. Though I tried to catch him even through the phone he didn’t talk with me… I was so worrying about Dastan but I had nothing left to do about him…So as William advised I decided to stay aside while Dastan come to me…

“C’mon it’s all gone now…He will talk with you soon,He needs a refreshment I mean he need to adapt in to the situation…” Roxy tried to cheer me up

“What do you mean?” Stephanie questioned

“I mean…as he is a different guy..I mean we all have to agree that Dastan is not like William and the other guys here..He is bit different..That’s why he got hurt for Jasmine’s words…In-fact he must be intelligent enough to understand that it’s just another simple incident..So until he figure out that fact,Jazz You should keep calm…”

Roxy was correct..I never wanted to insult Dastan..I just wanted to accuse Lana…Dastan is intelligent and I’m sure that he will understand that I have done nothing to make him hurt…

Suddenly I saw William watching us from outside through an opened window… with a great show of bravery,and a flourish of his hand,waving farewell as he called “Hey….”he crawled through the round opening while the strong heavy window was held open by one of his friends….

with William out of sight,the window was released and with a loud bang it slammed shut.Beyond and out of sight he was telling the world in a loud,shilling yell that it was FUN fun!!!!!

Then,quicker than I anticipated,came a different kind of laugh.Horrified! Disgusted! Anguished!

“Ahahhh….William is spending most of his time to think about Jasmine White” Said another boy,I didn’t turn to identify

I heard all laughing at me… It was a disgusted laugh…It was just like they were laughing at a stripper…

Stephanie leaned to whisper “They are crazy… Almost all of the girls are jealous of you now”


“Yes,I heard them talking about your prom dress…You were the most gorgeous there” Roxy continued

I didn’t know what to think…Far away William’s friends were laughing and sobbing…

Finally William opened his mouth “Okay guys! Did you have fun? so shall we stop now?” It was the most hilarious statement made by him ever

It brought a soft smile in to my face…William caught me laughing for his words and laughed at me back…

“Hey..what’s going on between you two?” Suddenly Stephanie pulled from my hand

“Nothing…”I shouted and ignored her…

both of the girls grew quite…

I was so irritated with the situation so I stood up and went out from the class room,collecting my stuff…

I saw William coming after me…

“Hey….” He came running to me from behind..

He managed to drag my hand tightly…

“Why?” I whacked my hand away

“Are you angry with me? There’s no any fault with me okay..”William pleaded..He had an innocent look on his eyes…I felt like my heart is melting in front of his eyes…But I couldn’t control my anger..Because I never wanted to get insulted by stupid friends of him…

“Angry oh no..I’m not..Fun is Fun…It’s not dangerous and insulting and embarrassing physically goes bee and the rest of you can go yours..I’m no one to stop you guys….” I said coldly,the memory of those things which William did to me had left me weak still very much with me

“I can see your eyes burning with anger” William replied with an anxious look…

“Non of your business… It’s because I’m single I can hang out with a male friend..” I insisted

“So are you going to find a guy?” William chuckle,exposing my shame,and resentment and hostility because all thought that I’m not a posh girl…

I had somehow to manage to be a posh girl..

“Why are you giggling? do you think that I can’t huh?” I roared…

“No no..I never meant that Jazz…But with the way you are..I don’t think that it’s fair possible to find a guy ” William said controlling his laugh…

he had a serious look on his face…

“The way I am? What’s wrong with me? Am I ugly?” I said with a depressed feeling..I was hurt,because with those words he wanted to prove that I’m different from others….

“Hey hey…You always think wrong about my comments….Listen..I’m taking about the way you behave,the way you dress and also the way you react… You have to control patience..I mean for everything you react fastly..Just see when you heard my friends joking on you..You left the room..But a decent posh girl never does that…You have to understand”

“Oh” I answered in a new,nonchalant way, “So what do you want me to do to be POSH”

A big surprised look came in to his eyes after I said that…

“Here you go…. If you want to find a handsome guy..You must change yourself..If not you will be girl friend of another geek”

I shooed my head with disguise

“Okay…Tell me what kind of change do I need?” I questioned

His eyes were sparkling with excitement,”You have to change your clothes first…Don’t wear those common T-shirts and jeans with sneakers…You will get the exact look which you had on the prom day..If you wear the things like leather leggings,skinny pants,ankle boots,blouses,silk dresses,draped dresses…”

“Whoah…hold on hold on…How do you know about ladies clothing’s? You sounds HOMO” I urged…

“Ha ha…You know what I had 3 girl friends earlier..I have seen their wardrobes.. I’m a full packed guy with experiences” William said while raising his hands to the air…

“So funny…3 girl friends? But what happened with them?” I asked curiously

“What you want me to do with them? I just broke up..Because though they were beautiful..They had no brain….” William replied, biting his upper lip.

“So what..You are a tricky person you can change them..Just like you are doing with me…They are luckier than me..They have even beauty..I don’t have them both” I giggled while closing one of my eyes and signalling him…

William laughed broadly,”No you have misunderstood about you..You are not ugly either a fool..You look so beautiful..Even than Cassie..But you haven’t made something to let your beauty come out..So no one can recognize your beauty..And also you are intelligent..Remember we got the highest marks for the project..Only because of you..So never ever try to think in a  negative way about you….”

His words made me to think how precious I am…But I had no any brain to show my preciousness to others…William is so correct..

“Truly you can read people….. ” I gave him a friendly smile

“Look..now you are cool and calm…what happened to that read hot anger which existed few minutes before” William laughed

“You vanished it away…Just like a detergent…”

“Yes I am…So let me vanish all the negative feelings with you…So are you ready to follow my instructions..In order to feel a lovely difference in you” William bowed his head…

“Actually..I don’t want any guy..I just need to prove others that I’m not different..”

“Yes surely you will..So it’s Saturday tomorrow..You can have a big time on doing some shopping..Don’t forget to buy the clothes which I mentioned earlier…And also you need to change your hair do..I mean it’s straight more than needed…” He complained while running his fingers through my hair

“It’s not straight…” I cried at him

“I just hate your hair” William hissed

“Gosh…Okay okay..I will do whatever you say okay… Promise…Help me…” I turned to him with heartfelt of hopes..

“No worries young lady…”

Cutting off his words,the bell rang loudly..It was the end of the day at the Uni..

“Thanks William…See you on tomorrow.” I said waving at him

“No problem..Have a fresh and an awesome weekend…” He gave me a big smile


“Mom…I think it’s good to do some shopping tomorrow” I said,while I was helping mom with the dishes..

“That’s a great idea honey…” Mom replied…

I was so excited about the change that I’m going to feel soon with in me…I was grateful to William for making me happy even for a second with his sweet words..Really William was so sweet… though he was rude at first,he gave me sudden surprises with his helps…

I had a special interest on this guy..But I couldn’t realize the exact reason for being interested on him… I really admired the way he make a person calm with his charming words…

While I was thinking I heard my phone ringing…

“Hi Jazz..” It was Dastan and I was extremely happy to hear his voice

“Gosh Dastan..How many Times did I call you? You never replied me either talked..I missed you so much..” I chattered without taking any breath…

“I’m sorry Jasmine..I was too fast to scold you like that..I know that there’s no any fault with you… You did it to make Lana angry..but I was bit hurt because I thought that I’m no one to you…Will you forgive me please” Dastan said with his usual soft voice..

“No I must be sorry too..I’m really sorry..I was too angry during that time..” I confessed

“It’s ok Jazz…It’s all gone now..Let’s be as before”

“yeah….” I wanted to tell him about William but as Dastan hate him,I said nothing about my conversation with William….

I felt so happy,because everything were happening perfectly

“This will be the best time of my life…” I yelled

But I never thought that my difference will make me to feel the glimpse of romance unexpectedly….

“It was a stupid fight between Dastan and William… They were like brainless people… Isn’t it?” Roxy yelled as we approached the school canteen..

“Yes,indeed much too mature.But they are boys Roxy.boys are always like that” That’s what I felt about the previous night.. I was a bit late on the purpose last night,wanting to make my impression by coming..and Oh,I did make an impression..Two guys fought because of me..

I saw all Lana and her friends staring at me,beginning to show toothy,knowing grins.For a flashing moment I considered spinning about and running and leaving the Uni for good…Then,as if unable to turn,or run I braced myself and tried to saunter nonchalantly in to the canteen as if all my life I’d known how to react… And they came at me fast,Lana and her friends… For the first time in my entire life,It was not only Cassie who had been to proud about her self as she was having guys around her…

“We know that there’s an affair between you too” Lana urged…  “What?” I yelled suspiciously. I tried to ignore her question,But she kept asking me things about Dastan… I couldn’t bear her nuisance saw I cried at her loudly “Can you please shut your mouth up huh? What do you want? To sleep with Dastan or what? Why are you asking me useless things about Dastan? I don’t have any feel towards Dastan like that and also if you want him to date..please go ahead and ask from him directly without fooling around here…”

Lana spoke nothing,instead of that her eyes were bulged at someone behind me… Her creepy look made me to turn back to check the person behind me… I turned around angrily and found that it was DASTAN,standing behind me…

He had a hurtful expression on his face,just like he is upset about my comments…. “Thank you for everything… TO SLEEP WITH DASTAN? wow..what a nice sentence…” Dastan said softly..But it was so hurtful..his words were like arrows,going through my body…

“No..Dastan..I said what is…………..” I couldn’t speak any more…Dastan raised his hand towards me,signalling to stop talking…and he moved ghastly out from the canteen..I leaned forward to catch his hand..But as he was strong and fast..It was in vain… I stood up in the same position,watching him leaving… I didn’t go after him as I wanted!!! I had no any idea about the incident which happened…

“Ha ha,Looks like it’s a good time for me and a bad time for you” Said Lana whirling around me

“Go and check your face from a mirror..” I whispered to her and ran out from the canteen… “you too slut” I have heard her crying at me…

I ran and ran all around the uni to find him…but I couldn’t find him anywhere…. “Dastan where are you” I cried,holding my painful knees… I waned to explain him that u never meant to hurt him..all i wanted is to hurt lana…i never expected dastan behind me,listening to my words…. i felt so ashamed of myself…i have become a back stabber…william was correct.. thousands of horrible feelings attacked me with in a sigh….

My eyes went unfocused..the faces of the people went passing me smeared in to distorted images such as seen in fun=house mirrors…I hate Lana’s violating laugh… my head started aching so i sat on a dirty bench aside a huge willow tree in the uni garden…

“Jasmine” Called a voice…I realized that it was William’s voice..

” What happened? you look so deadly white?” William sat next to me with thousands of complains…

“Enough..You gave me a big blast yesterday” I said with a disturbance voice..

I was feeling sick and I didn’t know the reason… “You look so clean..I mean from words… Yes I’m sorry I had more than 5 beer cans yesterday and that’s why I acted dumb” He confessed…

“Huh? So why did you come between me and Dastan..Everything happened because of you William..and Dastan is angry with me..I can’t even find him…It’s your fault that I went to the dance with Dastan..You broke all my hopes and now you are coming to me to say SORRY!!!!

After seeing his changing expressions I realized that I have let the cat come out from the bag…I gasped and tried to pretend like I have no any mood to talk…

“Wait wait? What do you mean by YOU WENT TO THE DANCE WITH DASTAN because of me? and Did I broke your hopes? what are you talking about? I need explanation”

“The atmosphere is dirty here…I think I’d better go” I lied…

William hold my hand tightly letting me not to move… He had the same suspicious look on his face…

“I told that because…actually they have no any meaning…Just because I have no any idea about what is going on..I’m sorry..My faith is shaking..Thats why I’m acting weird..I’m afraid to lose Dastan..he is my friend”

“You know what..You sounds like Miley Cyrus” William said with a satisfied look,leaving my hand…

“Huh? why is that?” I narrowed my eyes at him

“No just a thought… Because you are always talking about weird things” He giggled while resting his body in the strong cement bench…

“Am I weird”

Suddenly William was smiling,smiling broadly.. “No you are not..But sometimes you have weird thoughts..Just take it easy..No hard feelings…If he is a good friend..He will understand your issues and will come to you again… Let the time decide… ”

“True..” I said coldly… I had no any mood to talk with William because I was so hurt with the disappointed feelings given by him…

“Are you pregnant?” William ridiculously said stretching up his arms..

“What the hell? Are you crazy” I moaned…

He smiled at me winningly,with more charm that I had previously suspected possessed…

“Ha ha…just a joke…. Because you are feeling so heavy today right?” Again he smiled at me

“yes I do..But how do you know?” An anger difficult to describe was building with in me.There were all kind of pretty tricks he could have played that wouldn’t have been so physically violent.

“I can read your eyes…” He whispered in a charming way,fading all my anger towards him through his lustful eyes

“You predicted it right?” I said

“No…. I realized it from your drifted restless eyes” Flared William,as if he considered my caution utterly over done..

“No any big deal Jazz”

“but I want to make sure that you can read people truly” I insisted,because I wanted him to realize that I liked him so much…

“All right….. ” Shouted William

“Then ask me something about any one that you want to know..But only the people who I know”

I spend some time in thinking of someone..the only name which came in to my mind was JASMINE,MYSELF!!!

“tell something more about me” I hissed

“Hmmm…” William again made himself comfortable in the bench and spent few seconds in observing me… His eyes were attacking my eyes just like a snake attacking a man….

“You know…You are worrying about something…” Finally he spoke

“Worrying? worrying about what?” I questioned

“You are worrying about something which is gone..which is so familiar to you.on something you depended for  lots of years….” He insisted

HE WAS TRUE!!!! damn true!!!! He is talking about my own father..he is talking about the insecure feelings that I was having after my father’s death..he is talking about the hurtful feelings which came as an outcome from my fathers death…

“I dunno… I wouldn’t want to be caught down here in the morning by one of the crazy students here,who would immediately report me for bullying him..I’m going..Thanks for the nice chat” I stood up in order to leave William

For the last time I watched at William and I saw him watching me with a soft smile

“I told the truth right? that’s why you are leaving..because you are running away from what I said”

“No I’m not..I want to find Dastan somehow.. I don’t have any time to waste with you” I said in a rude manner…

The real truth was I was afraid and scared after listening to William’s words..because I was afraid to let him know my real emotions towards him..If he can tell about my real feelings..then surely he will understand the things which I’m having towards him..It might be a problem too..that’s why I wanted to leave him as soon as I can…

“Okay…Agreed” William said while raising his hands..

Destiny was at hand..what ever happened next was non of my doing,I thought,as I watched him preen….


The whole day was useless except the conversation with William..I tried to find Dastan but he didn’t show up in-front of me,even for a single second…I tried his number but he didn’t pick up his phone..

Finally I decided to phone his home… I heard his phone ringing furiously But there were no any answer.. Suddenly I heard someone picking up the phone and I was so happy… “Hello you are talking to Dastan Southee..But he is not at home now..Please leave a message and he will check it as soon as possible..Thank you!!!” Unfortunately it was the message recorder in the phone….So I decided to leave a message…

“Hey Dastan…I phoned you several times,but you are not picking up the phone..Just want to say SORRY..I know that I was wrong at that time..But I have to say that I had reason to talk like that…Lana always wanted to date you..But as you were my friend..she misunderstood us..She thought that there’s an affair between us…So she always came after me asking about you..That’s the main reason to talk like that..You are my friend..Swear I never meant to hurt you..Please understand me Dastan..You always understood me…now why? Hope that you will reply me soon..Bye take care”

After leaving Dastan a message,I lied on my bed,thinking about him… Dastan was so happy yesterday with me and that’s why he tried to kiss me… but I’m not sure whether he wanted to kiss me…maybe it’s a wrong thought of me… he might wanted to kiss me in a friendly manner…I always go wrong,thinking bad about people..now I have lost my friend too..

But what if he can’t understand me? as William said,he will surely understand me if he’s a real friend… So all I had to do is WAITING….

I was so confused,seeing all looking at me…I felt like my knees are getting weak…But I had to step towards instead of stepping back..It was the most awaited incident in my life…I was dreaming to come here and now I have got the chance…Only because of Dastan… Masses of people were watching me and Dastan… “I’m afraid” I whispered to Dastan….

“Because you are the most gorgeous one here..C’mon you have to show how valuable you are” With that piece of encouraging information,Dastan escorted me towards the people…  Stephani and Rozanne descended upon me and started acting all nice and said how happy they were that I’d come…

I was fortified by my friends… The whole room was decorated with Silver,Golden and black colours which made me to feel like I was standing in a castle… There were tons of people there.I saw Lana watching me with Cassie and their friends… Even William was watching me time to time,though when he saw me he went bright red and turned around and started talking with his friends…He was the only one I’d been most dreading,or hoping to see..But I was angry as he destroyed all my dreams….

But I felt something with Cassie and William…Because almost all the students were dancing with their partners,But Cassie wasn’t dancing with William..she was just staying like a stare crow… I was amused seeing their sudden changes…

“Why are they acting weird like that?” I thought… I looked around for Steffi and Roxy and finally spotted them near the food bar…I went up to her and was like “Why is that William and Cassie not dancing?”

Stephanie gave me a suspicious look.. “I don’t know”

I went-oddly comforted by her demeanour,which simply proved that no matter how much other things change,She always stayed the same…

“For god’s sake…You have Dastan” Roxy urged…

Suddenly she reminded me of Dastan..I turned around and searched for him..But I couldn’t find him

“Gosh,where is he now? he was with me few minutes ago..and now he is missing” I cried while resting on a comfortable chair…

After a while,William and his friend named Tom came and sat next to me..I was shocked after seeing him next to me..I tried to stay calm without making any sound..But my heart beat fastly like never before..I wanted to talk with him,But I couldn’t manage any words..even a single HI…William didn’t look at me too..He was on another talkative world with his friend..I felt like a complete too.There I was sitting at a dance with two guys,who were deep in a discussion about MOVIES!.Nobody was asking me to dance.Nobody  would,either..Even Dastan is missing too..

Why was I even staying? I had done what Dastan said…I had shown up..I had proved to everyone that I wasn’t a stupid girl..Why couldn’t I leave? I mean,IF I WANTED TO?

so I stood up from the chair in order to leave the prom..But suddenly I saw Dastan coming towards me


He had obviously just gotten…He was out of breath.. I saw William and Tom watching us again

My face turned red just like Cassie’s dress… But there wasn’t anything I could do about that.I said “Where have you been? I was searching for you?”

He gave me the usual soft smile,burning my cheeks.. “Sorry I had a phone call from my father”

I said “It’s ok..Thought that you left me here alone”

I heard William coughing when he heard the word ALONE!

Dastan turned to him and gave him a marvel look..

“Jasmine….” He cried

“I was waiting for this moment..”

“Will you dance with me”

The floor could open and I could just fall and keep falling,for ever and ever and ever..I stared at the floor,Willing it to crack apart and sallow me up…It was the most uncomfortable time which I had ever in my life….

A guy is asking me to dance in front of the guy whom I wanted to dance with!

If he had reached inside my chest,pulled out my heart flung it to the floor and kicked it across the room,it could be possibly have hurt as much as standing in front of Dastan and next to William…

I stammered… “Uh..well Okay!” I saw William’s eyes becoming large after hearing my OKAY…

I had nothing to do..Can I say no? to a person who always made me feel better unlike any other person?

From a glance Dastan held my hand and lead me to the dance floor which all my friends were dancing…

He kept a hold of one of my hands while my other rested on his shoulder. His free hand was placed in the small of my back, holding me close to him.  We swayed in time to the music, him occasionally spinning me. He looked at me with such happiness and love in his eyes that I started turning red.

Suddenly I saw William standing up and coming near us… “Hey Jasmine….”

I was frozed after hearing him,calling me..

“You gave goose bumps…” He explained when he caught my curious gaze.

“Mr Rochester…” Dastan continued with a disgusted look… “Can you please let us to have a nice dance please..”

“Why she is my friend too….Can I dance with her Mr Southee…” William asked after some time of silence.

Suddenly Dastan’s expressions changed horribly in to anger…

he trailed off and took a deep breath. “Are you drunk?” I cried at him..

Because I never expected to see William like that…. I realized that all were watching us…

“C’mon Jasmine” Suddenly William grabbed my hand tightly..

“Aww it hurts..please stay away from me…” I tried to push him away…

“Let her go” Suddenly Dastan pushed William aside…William fell down hard just like I fell down when William hit me..

“what is going on..William what do you want from me? Isn’t the bad things you gave me enough for you?” I cried loudly…. I closed my eyes and tried to stop the tears.

Tom and other guys hurried and helped William to stand up…. His eyes were red trembling with anger…

I sensed the danger and I pulled from Dastan’s hand.. “Let’s go please…”


“You’ll be in my heart. Believe me you’ll be in my heart. I’ll be there from this day on now and forever more. You’ll be in my heart, you’ll be here in my heart, no matter what they.” I looked at Dastan,singing softly..while we were walking on the road….

“why?” He surrendered. I sighed and stared at the ground instead of at him.

“You can sing well” told him when the song was finished. He looked at me startled then he smiled hugely at me.


I tried to forget the things which happened a while ago…Because it was too bad even to think about it..William was acting like a coward and I couldn’t find any reason for that..My problem was even Cassie didn’t come to control William..I saw her watching him with her friends…

Just like they have no any relationship between them..

“Are you thinking about William?” Dastan said cutting off my thoughts just like he read my mind..

“No actually..The Prom wasn’t good enough…I mean I thought that it will be enjoyable and huge..But it was just like another small get together party” I lied…

” Hm… I didn’t feel like that” Dastan replied,just like he understood my lie

I shrugged… “Look we are almost arrived to my home…” It was a big relief to me because All I wanted is to get in to my home…

I waved at Dastan and tried to run home..But Dastan pulled my hand and kept me near to him..

For an eternally long time he kept me in the same position..Suddenly he closed his face in to mine..And I knew the reason for that..


“Ah…I think I should go now” I said breaking his silence…

At last,realizing my inconvenience he let me go…

“Okay..See you tomorrow”He gave me quick reply just like he was upset about my reactions..But I never wanted to kiss Dastan!!! I swear!

With the disappointed and hurtful feelings given by William,I decided to stay home for few days and also I had no any mood of going to the prom….Stephanie and Rozanne was so upset after listening to the things happened between me and William.But I tried to pretend them,that I’m fine with Williams decision.As I was a good actor,they believed me!

My mom was confused because of my sudden changes….  “Honey…you are home since three days and Tomorrow it’s the prom…You haven’t prepared your stuff too.what about that William guy? didn’t you get any call from him yet? You look so pale,what is the problem?” Mom said,picking up the things which I threw away with anger.

“No,nothing mom.I’m just tired.I need a rest now. I’m not going to the prom with William.maybe I will stay home tomorrow and I can watch some TV…That’s better than chilling there with useless people” Those words eventually came out from my mouth and I never meant to call them Useless,specially William..Because It was one of my big wishes to go to the prom with William.He was a real gentleman to me and I was so attracted to him.Unfortunately I had no chance to flirt with him,because William was already taken By someone else named C-A-S-S-I-E

I really hate even to pronounce that name but I had to face the reality… I tried to make up my mind,but I failed….That’s the main reason to stay home because I knew that I can’t face William with the situations going…Though William had no idea about what he has done,he gave me a big heart-break…. So I decided not to talk with him after on….

“Honey…what are you thinking about? I can’t believe,because you were willing to go to the prom..But now why? I don’t know about what’s going on with these young people” Mom rushed out from my room while giving me a suspicious look…

Without replying her,I covered my body with my blue bed sheet…It was the most hardest thing to me..STAYING HOME WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING! I really missed my friends as well as I missed my lectures..It was my final year and I was missing my lectures because of a person who don’t care about me at all…. AM I SILLY?

I had no any idea…thousands of feelings came in to my mind..and all of them were about the prom…

“William and Cassie will become lovers tomorrow..I’m sure… see will you..because they can’t keep quite like this anymore..already they have become lovers from their behaviors….” Once my heart yelled…

“Maybe Cassie will reject him..Or maybe William wont get any chance to express his feelings..Prom is to enjoy,not to do romantic things..” Again my heart said..

“Enough!!!!!!!!!! Enough…I don’t want to think anything about William or Cassie,I don’t care about them..And I just like him,that’s all..there’s nothing except that..I was worrying because I don’t have any partner now as I was waiting William to go with me..I don’t have Dastan either…It’s my fault..So I have to suffer now” I cried loudly and slipped in to the bed sheet in order to take a nap..


“What? you are not coming? You said that you are okay with William’s problem and now you don’t come to the prom”Stephanie’s voice rushed through the telephone

It was the day which I was waiting for a long time but I was not lucky to enjoy the day…. It was the prom day and I heard that all were preparing for it…

“It’s okay,Stephanie have a great time.I’m just not well and I promised mom,that I gonna stay home” I lied,But I knew that she understood that it was a lie.

“Hm,I know the truth and also I know the fact that you are hurt!..I can’t compel you now,so take care” Stephanie said harmfully….

Before I make any reply,she disconnected the call

“Hm,I’m so unlucky,even Steffi and Roxy got their own partners..But not me” I said,throwing the phone away…

It was so boring to spend the time alone and I had nothing to do…I switched on the TV,but there were nothing interesting to watch there…. Though my eyes were staring at the TV,my mind was at the Prom party…

“It’s almost 1 and half hour more to the prom” I murmured to my self,looking at the huge grand father clock beside the TV….

Surely all of the girls might have dressed from gorgeous looking dresses..and also Cassie too!!!

Time went so slowly and I was fingers crossed.I didn’t know the reason for it,but I had a terrible feeling saying that I will get a chance to go to the prom..But with whom? I can’t go alone without a partner….My legs started moving and it led me to my cupboard…and I knew it was saying me to get ready to the prom..I saw the dress which Dastan gave me..It was resting in a corner of my cupboard just like a rose queen…It was so expensive and looked really beautiful..But I was not lucky enough to wear it…

“Though I cant go to the prom I can enjoy myself here by doing something interesting…Even I can wear this dress at least for a minute…Others may not see me in this dress..But I can observe my self,wearing this dress” I had a ridiculous thought and It was funny…

“If my friends know that I gonna wear this and do a dance by my own here..They will surely laugh at me..Specially Lana and Cassie.” I sighed

but I had a morbid taste on wearing the Pink dress,so I went to change my out fit and to apply some make up on my face…


I spent more than an hour to prepare my self..I felt that I was looking so pretty with the new dress and the charm make over… I observed my self through the mirror and found that I had a gorgeous look with the Pink frock…

After that I  tried to lean upward with my toes..It was tough,but I wanted to act like a Ballerina…so i jumped and went round-and-round just like those ballet dancers doing…. I tried to chirp a tone of a song…It was really enjoyable and I felt it so hardly…

Suddenly disturbing my dance,I heard my cell-phone ringing… “Oh shit,Why these guys disturb me every time…It’s 7.30 now and the prom has started…So whats the deal now” I moaned while picking up the phone

“Hello!” I said with a disturbed voice…

“Hey Jazz,It’s me Dastan” Suddenly Dastans voice came through the phone… I was amused after hearing his voice…

“DASTAN? you are talking to me? now? Aren’t you enjoying the Prom? Is everything okay?” I talked like a question paper..

I heard Dastan laughing softly..It was sweet actually..

“Ha ha,I’m not at the Prom..I didn’t go”He said,ignoring my question paper

“What? you are supposed to be at the Prom right now with….with..Uh Lana or maybe someone else” I argued

“Hey hey..what Lana? I don’t know about any Lana..I just wanted to go to the Prom with you..But as you said that you are not going,I decided to stay..but I was so willing to see you from that Pink dress…So I phoned Stephanie and she told me that You were worrying…So I came to pick you up to the Prom” Dastan chattered and It was so miserable…

“Huh? you came to pick me up? Which means……”

“yes,Look down from your window..I’m here”

I hurried to the window and Caught Dastan standing in our home garden..He was wearing an expensive black suit,which made him so decent and handsome…Truly I was falling for him,because of his look!

Dastan waved giving me a sweet smile…I waved him back with a confused look…

For an eternally long period I said nothing..I was just thinking about Dastan..

How good and adorable is this guy..He came to pick me though I rejected him..No one will do like that…When comparing To William,Dastan is so good and decent..And also I felt so ashamed of my self about rejecting him…I shouldn’t do that..If not nothing bad will happen to me from William..I was a fool….

“hey,are you going to stay there whole night..what about me..unless take me aside…” Dastan cried in a funny way,breaking my silence…

“Oh,I’m sorry..wait I’ll come” I replied him and jumped out from the room..

I stepped down from the stair case like a horse… I didn’t have anything on my mind at time,except the excitement about Dastan and the Prom…

“Here you are!” Dastan turned to me,when I came out..

I gave him a sizzling smile..But I never meant to do so!

“Wow..You are looking gorgeous…. I swear..I have never seen gorgeous someone like you in my life” Dastan said while bowing his head at me..

“Oh thank you Dastan…and Million berry sorries for telling you NO… I’m so happy to see you hear…” I tried to confess

“Shh…” Suddenly cutting off my words he kept his finger on my lips…

“Why?” It was the only word I had to say him..He had a deep look in his eyes…

“I’m feeling your beauty” I whispered…It looked so hilarious to me..He looked like a poet from 70’s

“Ha ha..You are so funny… “I said,taking his hand from my mouth…

“It’s not funny,silence is the best way to observe someone,to understand something” He said in a broad way..

I was so impressed from his behavior..

“Hey,so shall we go…But I don’t have my car with me..As it’s so near to the Uni,we can walk by right?” He said without giving me any chance to reply on his previous comments…

“It’s okay Dastan..I would love to walk..” I have him a satisfying reply..

So we started walking to the Uni… and Dastan said nothing until few minutes…

“So,You decided to stay home right? But the why did you dress like this?” It was a questions that I waited to answer…

“Actually,I really loved this dress…You have a perfect choice… So I wanted to wear this and to look whether I’m pretty from this or not” I replied

Dastan giggled

“You have nothing to look.No matter what you wear..as I always say..You are pretty and so charm unlike the other beauty beasts” Lazily Dastan pulled from his coat pocket a candy bar…

“You want some?”

“No thanks”

My eyes bulged as he bit in to the chocolate..perhaps he love chocolate….

“You know what?” Dastan continued

“When I see you,I remember the themes like,Fraught with passion,The virgin and the sinner and so on”

“Stop joking” I said,recognizing an obscure compliment from the look in his eyes….

“I thought that you like it” Again he took a candy bar..His eyes grew huge…

I shooed my head..

“We are almost at the correct place lady…look” He mumbled….

Suddenly I looked in front of the road and Gosh we have reached to the Uni… “I didn’t even see” I shocked

The whole Uni was arranged from silver black and golden colours…It looked so brilliant like a castle…

“So let’s get inside” Dastan said while leading me to the Uni gate….


Both of us stepped towards the Uni and when we entered inside…

I saw that all were watching us… all of them stopped their talks and started staring

I saw William,Cassie,Stephanie Rozanne and everyone..They were dressed from colourful dresses..But non was like my dress…because my dress was the most gorgeous one among them…

William and the others had a suspicious look…specially William was observing me from up to down..down to up

“Am I ugly today?” I asked from Dastan…

Suddenly Dastan gave me a soft smile…

“Omg,is that Jasmine White” I heard a girl named Ritzi saying to another guy

“She look gorgeous” The guy replied!

Hello Everyone!

Faded Vanilla Twilight is my new story and hope you all will enjoy it...Have a nice day! :)

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