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“Haha, Can’t believe that Kevin is having a crush on someone” Roxy’s startled eyes swung to Kevin… “Jillian is gorgeous,But I’m afraid of telling her” Kevin bowed his head and seemed to sniffle,from a cold or from emotion.

“Oh come on Kevin,you are behaving like a baby” I said with depression.

“Hey what about the ghost hunting thing?” Stephanie whispered hoarsely,trying to change the topic.

“Bhohh… I’m nervous” Said Roxy,squeezing my hand. “Yah! I love to go on big adventures,aren’t you Jazz?” Stephanie turned to me.

At the first my tongue refused to form words,but as silence stretched and became uncomfortably thick,I finally found what was a lie “Yeah, Of course guys! I’m so excited”

“That’s great,I would so hate to think that you guys were unhappy” Kevin said lowering his voice.

“Guys,I have to go now,Dastan is waiting for me.I promised him that I’m going to help him on his math problems.catch you all later.” I stood up from the bench that we all sat,in the ground.I steadily went to the maths class.

“Thank god! You are here” Dastan said when he saw me. “Whoa, I’m so tired” I pushed backward on the seat next to him and tried to relax. “Looks like you are ignoring to help me” Dastan said stretching up his arms. “No!!! I came here to help you,But I’m so tired,so you can copy my home works for today” I said defensively.

“Wow! thanks!” he replied.

“Yeah,sure go ahead” I said while having a look around the room.

Beside me i heard someone chuckling.So I turned around to see who was that and unfortunately it was Cassie and William. He was grinning wickedly.


A dead silence that went on and on.Desperately,as I sat with my knees together,my hands nervously twisting on my lap and trying not to ball in to fists,I rationalized that William has learned something with what I told him. Numbness tingled in my fingertips,perhaps because I had my fingers locked so tightly together.

“Hey! I’m done” Suddenly Dastan whirled. “Thats great” I said weakly

“Thank you so much” He leaned to put a soft kiss on my cheek,smothering me with his perfume that already filled the enclosed space. But I didn’t respond to him as I was so tried.

“You look so pale” A slightly troubled look shaded his expression before it quickly cleared.

“It might be because,I’m concentrating to much on my studies” I lied to him,but the truth was, I was thinking about William.I couldn’t get him off from my head.Whenever I saw him,I behaved like an idiot.

“You must take a rest Jazz” Dastan said while observing me. “Yeah,I’ll stay like this for sometime”

I was thinking about William for past few days.My dreams were going to fast for me to drink in all the expressions.I wanted to save on the savoir all of this first ride to wherever they take me,and ponder the memories later when I was alone!


“Do you think that we wont get caught?” Roxy whispered to Kevin while we were heading to the University through the road.It was a friday night and the day that we planned to stay a night at the Uni. “Don’t worry,I’ll take care of everything” Kevin Snorted.But I was excited eager to be scared.

Miles passes,and to lift my spirit and my confidence,suddenly moon peek through the deary clouds.Trees in vivid autumn colors lit up and looked like they are angry with us.

Finally we reached to the uni and Kevin half opened the gate and signaled us to enter. “Damn, I hate this freaky cold” Said Stephanie in a mild impatient voice.

“Hey look,there’s a half opened window,maybe we can get in to the uni through it easily” Shadows deep and dark were in Kevin’s eyes when he pointed his finger to a circular shaped large window

“Okay! Kevin go you first and let us come” I said impatiently as I hate doing it. Kevin nodded and jumped off through the window. Then he helped Stephanie to jump. I waited with the bated breath until he help me to get in to the uni.Finally it was my chance and without any difficulty I got in with Kevin’s help.

“Okay,guys hopefully we are here,lets go to the main hall.staying here is not good as the hostel students can hear us” Kevin showed us the way to the main hall.All of us stepped slowly as a “Thud” sound created when we walked.

“It’s cold here” I shivered when we entered to the main hall. “Come on guys,lets sit on a corner” Kevin murmured pointing us a dark corner…..   For and eternally long time we didn’t hear anything…

“I told you,there’s nothing here” I said with anger… Kevin was so disappointed with the situation…. “But let us stay some time” He said while running his hands in to his pockets…”But kevin………………!”

Suddenly a “Thud” sound cut off her words….. All of us shrugged with the horrible sound…

“Whoa,looks like the ghost is here” Kevin said while preparing his camera.

“You are kidding right,It must have to be a cat or something” Roxy said while holding my hand tightly… She was so scared and I were too…. Again the horrible “thud” sound appeared far away from the main hall… It sounded like some one was walking through the passages…. “Guys guys,listen that sound is coming from upstairs I think.lets go and search” Kevin said while raising his head… The “thud” sound continued horribly… Suddenly Kevin hurried to the door and disappeared through the dark shadows…. “Hey,let us follow him” Stephanie roared…

We all followed him through the passages fastly..But from a glance I caught a pale yellow light coming through the bathrooms which were situated near the main hall…. So I stopped a while to check that….Suddenly I saw two shadows moving there…

“Hey guys,did you see that light?” I turned to Stefi and Roxy..But I couldn’t see them clearly… “Hey…where are you guys?”

I didn’t get any respond…I realized that I have lost my way to the upstairs…

Suddenly I heard a crack sound from the bathrooms.. It sounded like some one was breaking a glass… I slowly walked to see whats happening….But with the darkness it was so difficult to find my way…and also I couldn’t see anything clearly.. I stepped inside the bathrooms….

My mouth was half opened after seeing William there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and there was another guy too

William had a big bucket in his hand….

Suddenly the other guy opened up a window and disappeared through it saying “You have to be sorry with your decision..I wont leave you bloody fool”

“Get lost you all…It’s non of your business..I want my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” William started shouting like a worrier…

He was shaking and he hardly managed his balance…..

Then he took a paint brush from his pockets and put in to the basket which was in on his hands…. I bended towards and found that it was lacquer inside the basket.. “Lacquer for what?” I thought…Answering my question,he started drawing from the brush on the walls..It was horrifying….. I tried to figure out what was he writing..they had no any meaning….

“Man,I have to stop this..If not he will ruin the whole uni…” I thought and ran towards him… “Hey,stop that..are you nuts..what the hell are you doing up there” I tried to take the basket away from him…. But unfortunately as he was so stronger than me I lost my balance the basket fell down… Lacquer spread all over the floor….

I tried to hold his hand…..

William started whacking his head… “Get off,get off from me..Don’t touch me”

“Hey are you drunk?” I tried to control him…I held his left arm tightly….he tried to push me aside

“Just get lost,leave me…I don’t want anyone” he was sprawling and his cheeks were groveling…

“Just stop shouting… I’m not gonna hurt you” I said in a firm voice…..

Suddenly he raised his right arm and hit my face in a shocking manner…It was terrifying and I fell down hard from his shot… My eyes and head started aching… I felt pain on my lower back and on the back of my head..I thought that I had been stabbed…

I heard more footsteps of people…But I couldn’t see them clearly because they looked like blinking images….Suddenly everything became dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work up in the hospital..Everything was blurry when I opened my eyes…I could see figures standing on each side of me….But I couldn’t make out who they were..When my eyes focused I could see mom,Dastan,Roxy,Stefi and Kevin…. Doctors and nurses came running in and started performing various tests on me… I heard one of them them turn around and tell mom that her daughter would be alright..Mom held my hand and kissed it..I could see tears of her joy running down her face..I heard Dastan telling someone on the phone that I had finally woken up…

“Mom I………….” Mom put her soft hand on my lips saying not to talk………..

“It’s ok honey. I’m happy that my sweet girl is fine”

“What happened Jazz,You were laying on the floor with blood when we came to the bathrooms” Dastan said with a confused look

I tried to remind of what happened and suddenly realized that It was because of William….

“Oh I can’t remember anything..” I lied….


With the incident which happened between me and William,all the Uni students were amazed about me. Some people who hate William mentioned that I have done the correct thing.

I met Dastan at the canteen and he invited me to take the lunch with him.

“Looks like William has learned a lesson” Dastan said with a strange, tight voice.My nerve twanged “Yeah,he must learn”I replied him quickly. “You look weird today” He asked,leaning forward and staring at me hard.

“No! there’s nothing like that.I’m worrying about him because,I became too rude to him.But but….he did the same to me” My voice took intonations that reminded me of William and the spooked way he used to make me feel.

“Some say that William is rude because of his bad friends,No one of his enemies did like what you did yesterday.That’s why he didn’t get any chance to figure out his faults.But this time he will understand it” Dastan said some what impatiently.

“Why is he coming after me like this? I never did wrong to him” I said stubbornly,lifting my heard and feeling the tears sting behind my eye’s.   For and eternally long time he sat with his elegant,well-manicured hands templed under his chin,saying nothing.Suddenly he lowered his hands and drummed a mindless beat on the crisp white table

“I always admire honesty,But you are thinking too much Jazz.It has gone.You cant change what happened yesterday”He said at length,his eyes were calm and unreadable.

“I know,it’s useless to talk about this.Anyway Thanks a lot Dastan” I said softly. “Thanks for what?” He flashed me a brief,amused smile.

“For appreciating me,for advicing me,for being with me every-time and specially for understanding me!” I said curling my lips.

“Oh,I have never seen a grateful girl like you” He said looking up and narrowing his kind gaze. His words brought a big smile in to my face.

“Jazz what are you thinking about?” Stephanie asked me while we were at the drama hall. another 3 weeks were left to the concert and I finished up all the dress designs.Mrs Taylor and others appreciated my work.I thank god for giving me a happy out come.

“I was just thinking about the concert” I said while gazing upon the drama rehearsals. “Thought that you are thinking about William” Roxy said with  a funny smile. Stephanie giggled.

“No!!!!! Roxy are you nuts?? Why should I think about him?” I cried out in dismay.

“No we just felt so,because though you said that you hate him,you worried about him since the past few days” Roxy lowered her head.

“Looks like you have some lovely emotions towards him” Stephanie whispered to my ear. “You like him right?” Roxy said shortly,waving her hands.

“My breath caught “No I don’t!” I couldn’t agree to something as monumental as her making choices for me.

“But you were worrying about him right?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Agreed or disagreed?”


“Alright lets take it as disagreed….which means you will never gonna think about him,either look at him” Stephanie declared.

“But how can I do that? I like him” Those words eventually came out from my mouth. Stephanie and Rozanne started laughing while giving high fives. “Oh the cat came out from the bad baby!!!” Rozanne curled her lips.

“Okay! I agree that I like him.But only as a friend” I tried to dismiss the topic.

“Will see it in future.I sense of a big story between you two” Roxy said while eating a cheese sandwich.

“Look! He’s just another regular guy and also he became over rude to me.I don’t wanna talk about this again” I stood up and hurried to the canteen door..All I wanted was to escape from these two.I continued walking through the passages and finally stopped in-front of the library entrance. “Hmm,this is the only place that I can hide beneath my lonely feelings” I told to my self in a steady voice.

There were only few students at the library.I went to a table beside a small curved window.I opened my backpack and took some note books.But I had nothing to do with them .Suddenly I heard someone entering to the library in a hurry. I leaned forward to see who’s coming.

It was William! I widened my eyes. “Ohhh noo…looks like another disaster”  I thought.I tried to cover my face from my right hand,but unfortunately William caught my eyes watching him.He had a pathetic expression on his face,just like a lost puppy.I tried to pretend like I’m studying.I have never seen William like this before and also it’s so ridiculous to see him at the library.

According to others,William never concentrated on his studies.He wasted his time at Uni with his friends,doing useless things.But I really like this guy,I don’t know the reason but i just want to be his friend.At the same time I feel bad about the things he did to me.

I saw him copying some notes.Looks like he has remembered about his studies! I couldn’t get off this guy from my head.I had fallen in to a bewitched state,caught up in this charming fantasy of William,where I’m reaching the limits of my emotions that had always been so far out of reach was suddenly close,within grasp. Bitter thoughts kept time with his pathetic expressions.The more things changed,the more they stayed the same.I was unwanted here!!!


Lonely days went so slowly again..It was only one and half weeks were left for the concert.As I finished my dress designs.I helped the stage decorators in their works.Each and Every time I saw William,I didn’t know what to do or say,and my heart was thudding fast and furiously.Then came the relief,flooding over me,inundating me so I could breathe,relax and even manage a tremulous smile.It would work out all right in the end.

“Boring!!!!!” I heard Stephanie saying restfully. “Hey!!!,I have an interesting suggestion for you guys” Kevin appeared behind us with his usual funky smile. “What’s now? Flapping up our wings and flying to mars?” I teased him. Both Roxy and Steffi started laughing for my nutty joke.

“No Jazz,It’s about our Uni” Kevin said forbiddingly.

“What about the uni?”Roxy asked,Looking up from her study of the psychological book. “Listen guys,most of the people say that this uni is haunted” Kevin said while narrowing his eyes.

“Puh,Haunted? are you believing in ghosts?” I said while running my fingers through my deep black hair. “Yah! He believes in the Easter Bunny too!!!!!” Stephanie giggled sarcastically and gave me a high five.

“Hey guys! please just stop,almost all the students say that” Kevin said tightly to make us believe of his words.

“So what you want us to do?” Darkness clouded the clear blue of Roxy’s eyes.. “Ahah!,Here you come to the topic” Kevin rubbed his eyes just like some one who is going to relate a story.

“So I have a morbid interest on searching after this rumors okay?,I planned to spend a night here.So I need you guys to come with me” Kevin’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Huh what?” Both Roxy and Steffi said at once.

“Hey! just stop these useless things,Let’s get back in to work” I said impatiently

“Please please guys.I’m one of your best friends right? so now I need your help.please help me to discover the truth behind these rumors!” Kevin said while holding my left hand.

For a long time,three of us stood in the same position. Kevin’s eyes were so pleading.

“Hm,OK then,But only  a one night OK?” Steffi declared.

Roxy turned to me, “Well this is ridiculous,But if you go,I’ll come too”

I felt so stunned by the decisions that took too quickly to control. But I couldn’t say no to Kevin.So I nodded saying yes

“Yes!!! Kevin hugged me tightly,Thank you so much!!!”

“So when are we going” I said while lowering my head,

“This Friday,It’s better as It’s the end of the weekend”Kevin explained.

“Sounds like a big adventure” Roxy said while collecting her note books.

“Yah..will see……” I replied her with a weird expression…

Days passed fastly than usual…… Nothing special happened at the Uni too..William and his friends looked calm during the past few days..

“Jazz..I’m hungry man!! Let’s go!!! please!!!” Stephanie urged behind me while we were watching a basketball game at the University ground… “You always become hungry  Steffi… 3 hours before also we went to eat right? what kinda stomach you own huh?” I teased her.. “You are so rude!!! If you can’t come it’s fine! I’ll go by myself” Stephanie stood up and hurried to the school canteen..

I was alone there watching the basketball match..Others were peer groups who was chilling and thrilling with each other…

“Hey!” Suddenly a girl appeared in front of me..She wore a T-shirt and black jeans..she just looked like a boy from her clothes!

“Hi…!” I replied while observing her… “Watching the game alone?” She said while sitting next to me. “Yah My friend went few minutes before” I replied her. “I’m Rozanne…But my friends call me Roxy!” She said friendly. “I’m Jasmine..But You can call me Jazz” I said while smiling at her. “I just saw you few days ago actually at the drama room..so thought of talking with you..and also like to be your friend” She said patiently. “Yah..that’s great!!!” I replied her…

Until few hours we started talking about each other and about the other stuff..Roxy looked so cool with her ideas..she loved music and also she was dreaming to establish a music band..and also she told me a lot about Cassie and her rude works too..Cassie and William was best friends since their first year…. further she mentioned that William is addicted to alcohol too. “You are not kidding me right!!!!??” I asked her.. “No man..Believe me..I’m nt lieing” She replied… “So so how do you know that?” I asked further

“Hmm…Actually I saw them with alcohol at the uni one evening..and also few couple of the other friends have seen that several times…He’s not a good one…Only god can take him to the correct path!!” Roxy said while raising her arms in to the air.. I started laughing with her funny action.. I had no any reason to think that William is good..So I believed Roxy.. “He’s a bad ass” I thought…

“Hey..lets go to the canteen..I’ll introduce you to my bestie” I said… “Yah! let’s go!” She said cheerfully

When we entered to the canteen Stephanie was eating a big burger like a pig…. “Hooohh hoohh….Stephanie..don’t each that much..!!!” I cried sarcastically… Stephanie sighed… “Oh look’s like a new friend hah?” Stephanie amused at Roxy.. “yah..She’s Roxy..and this is my best friend Stephanie” I introduced each other.. “Hey!” Stephanie smiled.. “Hii!” Roxy replied back..

“And also she told me a lot about Cassie and William” I said silently “Wow!!! Love to know them!” Stephanie wishpered…So again Roxy explained the things that she said about William and Cassie to me..

“He’s an ass-hole..I’m telling you..let’s stay away from this guy” Stephanie roared after listening to Roxy.. Both Roxy and I agreed with her… “Yes…But heard that William is having a problem with Jazz! Which means…It wont be easy for us to stay away from him…William is a guy who loves to take revenge from others” Roxy explained.. “But he soaked all my note books and also me!! what else he wants to do for me?” I uttered unhappily… “Once a guy named Tim called him ass-hole and William created posters saying that Tim is a gay!! So Tim Never came here after that..and there are so many things that he did for us..But I don’t like to talk about him because I hate that Retard!” Roxy said angrily..”As you said..Only the god can make him a good person” I giggled…

Suddenly Stephanie signaled us saying to stop laughing..She was looking at someone who was standing behind me..I turned back to see who was that..It was Cassie and William..They were smiling at us… I was amazed after seeing them like that…

“Hi ladies” William said in a friendly manner… No one of us replied him… “We know that you are angry with William..But you know about boys right? They do such kinda things..But please don’t think much about them… ” Cassie said like an innocent girl… ”

Yah Jasmine..I’m sorry..Will you forgive me!” William’s pleaded..

“Hell..This must be a trick surely..” I thought.. “Yah..yah..Ok” I murmured.. “Thank you!!!!” William replied and smiled at me..I smiled at him back.. “ok ladies..enjoy your conversation..Bye Take care” Cassie said and went away with William..

“Guys guys look!! Whatever happened now..It never happened for something good..They are trying to make us fools..Looks like they are having a big plan…” Roxy urged… “I sense the same thing” Stephanie hissed like a snake… ” Hmmphh…It’s better to stay away from them..But don’t worry guys… whatever they do..I dont care!” I replied them while watching William who was standing at the canteen door with his friends…


Day’s passed away fastly like the before and Roxy,Stephanie and I became best friends… We walked to the University together and also came back together…Roxy was a funny girl always had a joke to cheer up!!! and also she knew a lot about the university and the students more than us…so it was great to have her as our best friend…She had so many funny and weird stories to tell us about the university…

It was a nice monday morning…. We were walking to the university like before “Last year concert was rubbish..They just presented Romeo n Juliet and also few couple of boring songs…But this time the concert sounds interesting..” Roxy said.. “Roxy was working as a helper of the drama music producer..She had an interesting taste of music… “Yah..and also I love to watch Vanilla Twilight!” I replied… “Yah..But it’s good if they give us three an opportunity to perform a ballet” Stephanie chuckled..

It was about 8.30 am when we entered to the university…..we hurried through the passage of the university to the science lecture room..But I noticed something weird..all of the students there was looking at me sarcastically… and also they had some kind of dull looking papers in their hands too… “Why the hell are they looking at us like this? Roxy urged.. “They are looking at me” I murmured…

“Hey Jazz..Nice poster huh..I never knew that you work as a stripper…haha” a boy named Nick shouted at me… I grabbed the paper which was with him and it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! it was a nude girl in the poster and but it was my face which has been fixed to that body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouth was half-opened after seeing it..I was so angry and hurt… all started teasing me… “You nasty retards..just get lost” Stephanie cried… “Yah… dont you have your own business to care of…” Roxy shouted at them… “Let’s go!!!” I declaimed and hurried through the passage to the class… Steffi and Roxy followed me… “Surely..William and Cassie did this” Roxy urged.. “Yah… we have to find them” Steffi said.. We found William and his friends at the ground playing basketball

“Heyy..My new friends..” William tried to hug me…Instead of that I slapped a shot in to his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “Ouchhhhh” I heard roxy and stephanie giggling…

” You jobless retards..!! arent you shameless to do such kinda stupid things to a girl ass-holes…” I cried loudly..I sounded like an evil..

All were whispering to each other and also was scared because of my action.. “What did I do to you? saying you are bad..yes you are bad…I told the truth..You are an bad-ass… demon… Hate you!!!! You must be shy because you can’t agree with the truth that you are a MORON!!!”…. all started sighing..

“Didn’t your parents taught you how to accept the truth or how to face the destiny…. Ironically whats your fate by doing these things… I dont care about these things..because I’m happy you always try to mess up with me because you are jealous of me..I own the things I have the things that you have! that’s why you guys are doing these things.Do whatever you want..I dont care because by doing these things you guys prove that you guys are nasty wasteful human beings!!” I cried….

I stopped a while and took a deep breathe…I saw Dastan looking at him from aside..and all were looking at me like watching an alien… “Lets go guys” I declared and hurried to the University entrance gate… “Heyyy!! You were superb!! did you see William’s face…his face has become red buy your shot!!!!” Roxy cried happily… “I’m soooooooo soo happy because you taught him a big lesson…” Stephanie cried…. ” I have no any sorries or excuses to this guy until he become’s a good one. “I replied them

“So are you going to stay aside while William and his friends tease you?” Kevin said at the science lecture… “I don’t know! I mean I have no idea” I uttered with a sigh….  Stephanie shooked her head.. “Do you think that he will stop teasing you huh? I don’t think so…You don’t know about him properly,He is an evil!”

“What you want me to do against him? You guys want me to punch his face off? I said with anger….. “Look I mean he is a boy,he is not a newbie like me and he is so strong..he might be having thousands of friends here..So we cant stay against such kinda guy”

“What about Dastan? he can help us!” Kevin chattered.Stephanie agreed with him.. “No no no!!!! Look,Just stop this useless conversation” I stood up and hurried to the door…. “Ok then,keep quiet when William tease you!” I heard Stephanie shouting from my behind. So I hurried through the corridor.I searched for a proper place to sit but unfortunately there was a big crowd so I couldn’t find a place. So I went out from the University to the ground…Finally i found a bench under a big Willow tree and i started to copy the notes which were on my soaked books… “Hey!” Suddenly I heard someone saying.I turned around and noticed that it was Dastan. “Hi!!!” I replied him back..I was so happy to see him because he looked so charm and simple…. “May I sit here?” he asked…I nodded…

“So how the things are going for you Jazz?” He asked while sitting next to me…. “Oh absolutely fine..What about you?” i asked him back

“Same here..By the way what are doing with those notes?” He asked nervously… “Uhh I’m copying the science notes…” I replied him with a sad expression… “Hmm I heard about that incident happened between William and you…He was so rude,but that’s the nature of people.You know that there are different kinda of people in this world.All are not like same…Some loves us,some hates us,some imitate us and so on! So we have to realize their traits in order to live properly.We must not hurt them” Dastan tried to make me feel better…I was so impressed by him and his words… Actually he was a real gentleman..His idea’s were so fresh… “Yah thats true Dastan and it was my fault actually…I insulted William with my friends…But I never meant to hurt him” I said sadly…

Suddenly a big smile came in to his face.. “You are thinking too much lady…Don’t worry about your faults either about what happened..Just try to figure our your faults and re correct them” He said while drawing a circle on the ground from his fingers…. “WOW!!! you are like a poet…. I really like the way you talk!” I whirled….. “hehe yah it comes from my grandfather..He was a businessman as well as a poet” Dastan replied cheerfully..His eyes were sparkling like lights…. “I have a morbid interest on literature” I said softly…. “Ahah then you must meet my grandparents! don’t you like to?” He asked

“You are not kidding me right?” he shooked his head when I asked that.. “I would love to come” I smiled at him….. He smiled me back!


“What were you doing with that Dastan guy?” Stephanie asked me while we were watching the drama rehearsals…. ” Well nothing..just hanging out” I tried to ignore her question….. “Ahahh it sounds so romantic…and smells like dating” Stephanie said while closing her left eye…. “HELL! No are you nuts? He’s just a friend okay! Please don’t spread rumours” I warned her

“Okay..okay..If you dont like him why are you getting angry?” Stephanie asked me..I ignored her and turned back in to the drama…. But she was true.I have nothing to worry about her words as I dont have any interest on Dastan….But I have to admit,Dastan is so deacent and also so good….He tried to make me feel good when I was in sad…Thats what a real guy need…..At the same time I started thinking about William….Though William was so rude he looked so sweet as well as from the first glance I loved his black eyes! But looking good doesnt mean everything..Dastan is handsome too! There are somany qualities needed for a good personality..If William had them he will make a great personality surely..No doubts!!!!!!

While I was thinking those things I saw William entering to the stage as Jack Effron the main character of the drama…

“Laura….From the first sight,you were like a mossy violet for me….I have been in love with somany ladies..But never saw someone pure and beautiful like you!!!” William recited…..

I was enjoying the drama….Suddenly I felt that someone was going on my leg..It was so wet just like a reptile…I was scared and i shooed my leg…A big something fell down from the bottom part of jeans and ran to the backstage…. “Hell!!! IT’S A CREATURE!… Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed loudly like someone’s going to kill me…..

“What was that Jazzz what was that?????????????????????????” I heard Kevin screaming from my behind… “Was it a reptile????????????” Mrs Taylor shouted with fear…….

“Reptile? what are you mad Mrs Taylor..There are no any reptiles here” Dastan replied with disgust

“It must be a snake!!!!” Cassie said while jumping aside…..

“Its….Its….. a creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried….

“Hella guys! Are you nuts? This girl has been acting weird for the recent past and now also she’s doing the same thing..Let me go and see!” Kevin said angrily and disappeared to the backstage…… All of us were so nervous to see William coming back..

Suddenly we heard William screaming…”Ohhh gosh ohh gosh It’s a creature…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   I was so scared..so I closed my eyes!

After few minutes all started laughing..So I half opened my eyes to see what’s happening…. I saw William standing infront of me..He had a sarcastic expression like before….And also he had a DEAD MOUSE! in his hands!!!! DAMN!!

“Hahahaha the mouse creature is going to eat his wife JASMIE FLOWER GIRL!!!” William and others started laughing except Stephanie,Kevin and Dastan…..

“Hell Oh! Madam,If you are afraid of these tiny innocent animals..Please stay aside without ruining our drama” William said and tried to throw the dead mouse at me..I jumped away with fear and anger….My blood was boiling with his words

“Ohh! Really Mr Rochester…Thanks for your kind advice..And I can take care of myself….Mind your own business” I shouted and went to the backstage…..Stephanie followed me..We both sat on a bench… “Are you okay Jazz?” Stephanie said while holding my hand…. I nodded… “I’m wondering about William…..Why he always insult me? I have no Idea..he always hurt me…” I said sadly..

“Everything will be alright Jazz” Stephanie tried to cheer me up

But she was wrong William never leaved me!

“So Miss Newbie…..are you designing under garments for our drama” William Rochester’s words popped up from my behind while I was reading the drama script. “No! your mom should buy you those not me!” I turned to him and said angrily.William came closer to me,He looked so sweet but he had sarcastic expressions on his face. “Oh really,Nice to hear so! by the way from where did you learn to be rude for strangers!” He chuckled hilariously.I laughed too. “From my inner self” I replied.He laughed loudly “Anyways I’m Wiliam.1st former just like you. you are a newbie right?” William said waving his hands. “Yah.I’m Jazz” I replied.

“Jazz? It’s a music genre right? hahahahaha ridiculous!” William giggled. “Actually my name is Jasmine White.But my friends call me Jazz” I replied. “JASMINE!!!!!!! WHITE!!!!! It’s a flower and a colour right! hell all should call you WHITE JASMINE! Hahahahahaaha But the word LOTUS suits you well!” Again he started laughing… “Man he only knows to insult others” I thought.. “So where are the others?” I tried to change the topic as his laugh was so annoying.. “Dunno that’s what I’m searching for lady… I just came to check whether Cassie is here” William said while closing his one eye. “ah nope.didn’t see her” I replied without any expression. “Ok gotta go.Kit Rit.Miss FLOWER GIRL!” He shouted while going out from the room. “Yah me too”    “Mr dumb” I murmured to myself.

I just wanted to ask him whether Cassie is his girlfriend but as he played the rude role in-front of me i changed my mind.”Looks like I have to work with some weirdos” I thought


Few hours later students who participated in the drama entered in to the room for rehearsals.They were doing very well.Specially Cassie! I was working on new designs with some other students.But I noticed that William was looking at me time to time. “Jazz! Looks like you are in another world!” Stephanie hissed. “Ohh no I was just looking at how’s the drama is going.It’s really great right?” I replied nervously. “Looking at the drama or looking at WILLIAM!” Stephanie joked me. “What? are you crazy? I was not looking at him okay! I really hate that guy.he is a dumb a total dumb! You know that I hate that kinda guys right?” I tried to prove that she’s wrong. “Who knows!!!!” Stephanie whispered to my ear and went.

“WHAT??????????!!!! Is she crazy or something? I don’t have any interest on this guy.I even don’t know him properly.Looking’ at him doesn’t mean that I like him!” I told to myself with anger

Days passed so quickly and 1 month was left for the concert. We have already designed the Dresses of Cassie.But lot’s more has to be done. So I had to stay after university to continue my works.

It was a friday evening and I was checking the designed dresses.I was tired….Suddenly I heard a sound like someone’s opening a door.’

“Hellowwww….Is anyone up there?” I heard someone shouting….It was a boy.He was tall and owned a dark brown hair….

“Yahhh..” I said silently. Then I saw him coming towards me.But he stopped a while and started watching me…. he didn’t take his eyes off from me….  “uhhmmmmmmmmhhh..may I help you?” I asked him. “Ohh yahh….I just came to take a look around my new university..” He uttered… “Are you working on Vanilla Twilight” He asked

“Oh yah..I’m the dress designer…” I replied him. ” WOW! Nice to meet you. I’m Dastan Southee” He cliamed. “Nice to meet you I’m Jasmine White” I replied with a smile. “JASMINE! wow it’s a beautiful name so fresh and pure..and also your smile” He said dramatically.

“Thanks alot! hehe ” I said with a big smile on my face because no one have ever told me like that before. Finally i have someone who appriciate myself!   “So are you in the drama?” I asked him in a friendly manner. “Yah Ofcourse.I’m the bad ass” He said while shaking his body to a rythem… “Hahaha thats funny Dastan..You are so funny…It’s really great to have you in our drama” I said, because it was  a relief to have a good one like Dastan in the drama as all the other actors were weird.


“You know what? Yesterday evening i met a newbie named Dastan.He is playing the role of the villain in the drama” I said Kevin while we were having our lunch next day. “YAhhh I saw him too.Heard that his father is a famous businessman.Did you see he owns a Ferrari a red one.I wish that i could be his Girl to have a ride on his vehicle” Kevin Giggled. “Yah why not we’ll pray for that” Stephanie teased him. “Well he is so good.Thousand times better than that dumbo William.Guess they should exchange their Characters.William suits for the bad character.He is a bad ASS!” I shouted angrily.But unfortunately William was two tables ahead from me and he heard what I said. “Damn!” I thought.

For my amazement he went passing us without saying a single word. “Omg! Omg! this is a big disaster” I sensed that William is going to take the revenge from me for what i told him. “It’s better to get out of here to the lecture room” I thought and hurried to the lecture room waving my friends.

I ran through the corridor.But for my bad luck i saw William and three other guys were walking here and there in the corridor.I turned back “Jazz” But Williams voice stopped me.He had the same sarcastic expression on his face.I noticed that he had a big bottle of water in his hands. “So had fun by insulting me BACK STABBER!” William said angrily.My mouth was dragged opened after hearing the word back stabber.

“Hey i never insulted you or talked from your back.I was just telling my opinion.You have misunderstood everything” I cried.I raised his finger signalling me to stop talking and he spent few seconds on watching me.I did hold my notebooks tightly.From a glance he opened the lid of the water bottle that he had in his hand and poured the water in to my head!!!

“Ahhhwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh” I shouted angrily and jumped aside to escape from the water.Water fell through my clothes and my notebooks. It was a total disaster! I had no words to explain how angry i was.

“This is what you deserve” William shouted and went back with his friends.

I was so angry with what he did.I even didn’t notice that a big crowd has gathered around me.All were laughing and were whispering.

“Back Stabber!!!!” Few guys started teasing.I was so hurt by that.So I rand fastly through the crowd.I ran passing the lecture rooms,Students and lecturers. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door.There were no one at the bathroom.I went to the mirror and observed my self.I was like a soaked chick.All my notes were ruined.Tears popped up from my eyes and started flowing like a river.

“I hate you cunt” I shouted and teared up all my note books….


“What? What do you mean? William soaked all your notebooks? what i cant believe that Jazz!” Stephanie roared while were heading to the Principles office. “Yah he did he is an ass-hole.I hate him!” I declaired angrily

Mr Pitchard our principal was so amazed after hearing about William and his rude actions against me.Finally Mr P decided to call his parents.And also William faced a one week Lecture prohibition.But it was not a big deal for him because he never went for lecture earlier too!

William never showed up until for few days…I was so happy about that!

But One unfortunate evening he came for drama rehearsals.Each and every time when he looked at me,he had a cruel expression on his face.So I didn’t look at him.

It was so busy so I worked like an Ant… “Hey Jazz,you look so pale.You have to take a rest now” Stephanie Shouted while we were carrying some painting buckets in to the drama stage. “Let me carry them” Stephanie tried to grab the buckets from me. “No no Stefi I can carry them my myself” I Ignored her.But It was too late she Pulled my left arm suddenly and I couldnt balance myself ,So one of the paint bucket fell all over Dastan’s body who was right behind us. “Damn,Holly shit!” He cried wit disguise. “Shit,Stephanie” I said horribly. “Ohhh I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!” Stephanie cried. Dastan shaked his T-Shirt wit disgust. “We are extremely sorry, Dastan.It’s my fault.Please forgive me.Never meant to do so”I pleaded.”No Jasmine.It’s ok.You are not an alien to do correct things everytime.It’s ok.I’ll change my clothes” Dastan smiled at me and went to his backpack

“You know what dude? If she did that for me..I will surely slap on her face” I heard William saying to Dastan. “That’s true Will.She did the same thing for me once” Cassie replied.

I was so angry and hurt from their words.I have become a geek infront of them because of my carelessness. Thank god Dastan is a good guy for god’s grace.

“But I really need to solve my problem with this William guy.” I told to Stephanie and she nodded with fear

But i never thought that our problem will end up with an unexpected result!!!!!!!

“Who was that guy and the girl?” Stephanie whispered to my ear at the science lab…. “I dunno..But they looked weird” I replied unpleasantly “Weird? hell that guy is handsome looking..I wish that i can go out with him” Stephanie said while taking down some note’s… “Hmmm” i just nodded because i was shocked with the things happened…

After the Science lecture we heard that Our principle Mr Pitchard is going to announce about the annual university concert…all were so excited about that and also all were getting ready to give the auditions…But it was a disaster for me because i had no any talent in acting,singing either dancing… Mr pitchard called the 1st and 2nd form students to the main hall…

“Hello everyone!!!” Mr pitchard shouted… “As all of you know,this time also we are going to hold a concert…So the volunteers among you people are welcomed to participate for the separate auditions under singing,dancing and acting…. Our Aesthetic lecturers will be the judges like before” All the students started shouting with excitement but i was not! “and also…” Mr P explained further… “We are going to select the needed dress designers from the Uni this time.as we all know there must be so many talented dress designers in our university.Auditions will start from tomorrow!” Mr Pitchard finished his announcement.

“Wow dress designing that’s kinda cool Steffi…” I whirled “yah but there will be thousands of guys who are way talented than us in dress designing Jazz” Stephanie gasped

“C’mon steffi..At least let’s give a try..” I replied


“Do you think that this gonna work Jazz.I don’t think so” Stephanie sighed while we were waiting to hear the selected dress designer’s names….. “I don’t know,but this is better than giving auditions” I replied her

After few Hours our drama lecturer appeared in to the room and all the students were silent and excited to hear their names among the selected list….I had the same feeling…

She started reading the names and most of the students shouted with anger and some shouted with happiness…But we never heard our name for my amazement..It was Freaking!!!! I thought that we will get choose!

“I told you ryt?” Stephanie had a blank expression on her face…. “It’s ok stefi..Unless we tried once.” I tried to cheer her up

As it was a day without any special lecuters…I suggested her to search for Kevin…She agreed and both of us went searching him to get know some latest new’s as he gossiped like BBC!!

We found him at the basketball cord… “Hey Kevin” I shouted “Hey Guys” Kevin replied back with a big smile

“We searched for you everywhere! aren’t you giving any auditions?” I asked him

“Yah i gave for the drama Romeo and Juliet” Kevin replied while taking a look at the surrounding

“Yuck!!! Romeo Juliet..thats damn boring” Stephanie urged..

“So whom you wanna be? JULIET?!!!!” I giggled Hilariously

“Hahah that’s funny” Kevin threw me the ball inviting me to play a basketball game, but Stephanie pulled my arm saying she wanna eat something

“Let’s go back Jazz.I’m so hungry….I’m starving” Stephanie cried “Oh Okay then…Let’s go” I agreed

We waved Kevin and went back to the Uni


The concert preparations were going well.The drama committee have had decided to direct a new drama named Vanilla Twilight and they choose William and Cassie for the main characters as both of them looked too hot! (According to others) But the selecting committee was searching for a student for the villain character but yet didn’t find a proper one yet….For our amazement Kevin played a role in the drama too..He played the role of  Cassie’s father….

“Whoaaahhh..Cassie’s father beware of your daughter,she is a quick-tempered chick” Stephanie Giggled while were having our lunch…. “Hahah I know how to control such kinda girls” Kevin said while shaking his hands according to a rhythm…. Then we three started Laughing loudly like freaks! Suddenly i caught William looking at me.He was three tables ahead from me…I stopped laughing and leaned towards my backpack to pretend like I’m searching for something..He had a cruel look on his face just like he wanna chop me… “Man did he heard what we said to Cassie.Cassie must be his girl.” I thought

Day’s went so fastly.Almost all the students were so happy and excited about the concert except me.I had no any interest on it as I didn’t get any chance to participate on it.But I really loved to see the new drama.It was a sunday evening and I was staring through out my window at the star’s.Suddenly I heard some one knocking at my door.. “Come inn” I shouted…. It was my mom “Jazz,Is everything alright? You are looking so pale these day’s”Mom asked while rubbing my cheeks… “Yah,kinda mom…It’s because I working on some projects” I explained her “Be happy always” Mom gave me a worried look and went out from the room….

“Hmmm yah mom..I wish that  i could participate in that drama Vanilla Twilight..I really love that name….” I murmured while looking at a falling star….


“You bully!!! you ruined my dress!!!!! Do you think that I’m a gypsy to wear these kinda clothes huh?” I heard Cassie shouting from the Main hall corridor…” What the hell is that?” Stephanie told while leaning towards the lecture room window… “Let’s go and see” I replied her….

It was Lana the dress designer for the drama and Cassie who were fighting..Most of the students gathered to see what’s happening

“Hello! Lady.I designed the clothe’s which suit for your character” Lana jabbered

“My character..My foot!!!! These colours are dull” Cassie stated…

“So who cares?” Lana Confessed Sarcastically

“You Ugly face ugly hair..Dont worry to mess up with me..just go and do something to make yourself rather than wearing ugly clothes!!!” Cassie Divulged

After hearing the word UGLY Lana’s expressions changed horribly….. “I quit!!!” She declaired…All the students started whispering with amazement.. “Oops looks like there wont be any vanilla twilight anymore” One of the students mentioned….

“Yah let’s see how you guys going to do this drama without me” Lana shouted and disappeared through the crowd….


The whole university was talking about the thing happened between Lana and Cassie…. The rumours said that the lecturers are going to stop the postpone the drama until they find a proper dress designer….. “Tough luck” I thought

It was another monday morning and Stephanie and I were at the phycology lecture hall…Suddenly a former student appeared in to the hall… “Is there anyone named Jasmine White hear?” He confessed…I shrugged when i heard my name.. “Ya..hhh I…ts…Mee…” I said softly….

“Mrs Taylor want to meet you at her room right now” he made me known. “What drama teacher wants to meet me? but why?” I thought

“Yah ok i’ll come” I replied him and turned to Stephanie hurriedly who was looking at me excitedly. “Wanna come” I asked her. She nodded happily


“Well Miss White….. you know that Lana is not working as our drama dress designer anymore….she was the best designer we had…Because she had fresh new idea’s…But now we need to replace some one good for her..I went through your drawings and they are perfect but there’s one thing.Our drama is based on a gothic theme..so we need you to design the clothes according to the gothic themes as well as your designs are too ordinary.we need something new from you.so if you can’t take this risk.i would like to appoint you as our new drama dress designer” Mrs Taylor chattered like a parrot.But her words were like honey to my ear!!!!

“Hey but..I have no idea about Gothic Themes!! so how can i take this risks…” I thought

Suddenly i remembered Stephanie..she is a gothic freak..even her room has designed according to the gothic themes..maybe she can help me..I thought

“mm Mrs T…I would like to take that risk but i have a request” I replied her’

“Yah tell me about it Mrs White” Mrs T asked

“Well.My best friend Stephanie knows a lot about Gothic..so can i take her as my helper” I said slowly

Mrs T’s nervous expressions changed in to normal

“Yah sure go ahead Mrs White”

“Wowwww!!! Thank you!!!” I screamed

“Nothing to mention..Tomorrow you have to start working and meet the drama participants and talk about the desginings.Have a nice day Miss White”

“Whooohhh..What happened jazz” Steffi asked nervously when i came back from Mrs T’s room…I gave her a big hug and explained everything… “Wow you are the best..Now both of us can work with the drama crew..” Stephanie whirled while jumping

“Feels like flying huh?” a voice came from behind us

It was Lana and she had  a sarcastic expression on her face… “Hmm noh” I replied

“Dont be this much excited ladies…because getting too much excited can lead you guys to sorrow” Lana Claimed and went passing us’

“Yah i love to suffer” I shouted her back with anger.

“Whatever happens i’m not going to miss this chance..because this will make my life change a lot”

But i never thought that it will change my life horribly..If i knew it before i will definitely say no to Mrs Taylor!!!!!

“Jazz what the hell are you doing there?” i heard my mom shouting from upstairs with her soft cold voice. “Nothing mom just hanging out” i replied her in a hurry because i was excited to check our new home.It was the first day at our new home at middlesex.My name is Jasmine white and I’m 23 of age.After my father’s death mom doesn’t wanted to live at New york anymore.So she choose to move on to middlesex.I hate it a lot because i had to leave my best friends from all the costs.But i had no choice.According to mom living at Middlesex was quite calm and simple.I felt the same after seeing our new house because it was situated in a dark and an alone place without any houses surrounded.It looked so weird for me!

“Jazz! can’t you hear me honey.why are you staring at the window.we are not in cloud nine to stare at like that.hurry up! go and clean your room” Mom  urged loudly which made me to come out from my imaginary world.


My room was a tiny one with few couple of furniture.I started unwrapping the boxes which we brought from New York.

I spent half of the day to clean my room.Finally i could end up cleaning the room and heard mom calling me for dinner.

“So ready for your new university?” Mom Asked while we were having our dinner.

“Yah..mm but kinda confused” I uttered.

“Almost all the freshmen get that sweety” Mom chuckled like a baby.

I went to my room after the dinner and tried to sleep.But i was thinking about my new university at middlesex.Actually it was my last year in my University life.so it was quite tough to adapt in to a new situation.With these thought’s sleeping beauty closed my eye Lids Slowly.


“Honey.you are too late for the Uni.hurry up” Next day mom shouted from the downstairs.

“I’m coming mom.i could’nt find a proper dress.just now i selected a one”.I was wearing my black Sweetshirt and Black leather jeans. “I’m done mom” I jabbered

Mom dropped me to my new university at about 9 am.and it was kinda late but still there were students who were entering to the Uni.My new Uni looked like an old huge castle surrounded with huge oak tree’s from everywhere.There was a big willow tree beside the Uni and it looked kinda horrible.” This is much better than i thought ”

I found my Lecture room after a big research and I selected a corner of the room to sit.After a few hours ago a lady looked like a lecturer entered to the room.”Okay everyone.Looks like today we have three new students.let’s welcome them warmly to our University.” While she was saying that all the other students started staring at me and other two students.I was too shy and I downed my head like a baby. “Ok Let me introduce our new students.First It’s Kevin james and then Stephanie Young and at last Jasmine white” Lady lecturer shouted.  “Ok students let’s begin our class” All of us started taking our notepads.The lecture was quite good but not better than  the one’s I had at Malibu Uni.


After few hours the bell rang and all went out to the canteen. I sat on a corner of the canteen and started having my lunch, “Hiii!! shall we sit here” Suddenly a rapist like voice came behind me.It was the two new students who came to the uni.Kevin and Stephanie. “yah sure why not” I replied them.

Stephanie had a short curly hair and she was tall.Kevin had a black blond hair and he was tall and strong like a giant. “So we all are newbies ryt?” Kevin roared Hilariously.I nodded with excitement “Nice to meet you jasmine” Stephanie said with a big smile on her face. “Yah me too guys” I murmmured. After that we started talking about our favours and about us!! They were so cool just like me they love music and sports.we had somany things to talk about them.I’m so happy to get two buddies like keving and Steff.


After on kevin and Stephanie became my best friends.We visited each other everytime.we went for movies together.we played together and so on.

“Jazz I dont know why you love this hot chocolate milk thing this much” Stephanie said with disguise while we were walking through the canteen doors. “That’s my favourite.just like you love peanut butter” “Peanut butter is better than Hot chocolate milk” Stephanie Tried to grab my Chocolate milk with displeasent and tried to throw it.I tried to take it off from her But unfourtunately it fell over a girl who was passing us right behind. “AHHHhhhhwwwwwwwwwww” The girl started screaming like an idiot. My mouth was half opened after seeing that her dress was totally covered with my chocolate drink.Stephanie’s one eye was dragged opened with fear. “Shit this is a disaster” She wishpered.

“Hey you!!!!!” The girl came to me like a wrestler coming to Unleash the opponent.she owned a long white straight hair.and also her clothes looked so expensive too. “Who the hell are you to throw me from a disgusting chocolate milk? dont you know who i am?” “oHhh i’m really really sorry.i never meant to do so it’s an accident.please i’m sorry” I cried Nervously. “Shut up,i know very well about the girls like you” “What’s going on Cassie” A male voice cut off her words from behind and it was a guy.He had a dark black hair and he was tall.The most attracting feature of this guy was his eyes were black.! “William did you see what she has done to me” Cassie explained what happend and the guy started laughing like he saw a circus. “haha Give her a break cassie.She must be blind” William said while giving me a cruel look. “Let’s get out from here”   Cassie nodded and started walking to the canteen with william…..

“Omg!! What the hell was that Jazz” Stephanie told with her same rapist voice. “Whoaa” I sighed without giving her any reply.

Hello Everyone!

Faded Vanilla Twilight is my new story and hope you all will enjoy it...Have a nice day! :)

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